12 August 1914


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Battle of Haelen

Wounded German at Haelen, 1914
Wounded German
at Haelen, 1914

Minor Allied victory. While the main German focus is on Liege, a cavalry force is sent across the Meuse to advance on Louvain. On 12 August the Germans ran into a force of Belgian cavalry defending a bridge at Haelen, and spent all day attempting to capture the bridge. At the end of the day the Germans were forced to retreat.

Battle of the Jadar

Start of the first Austrian invasion of Serbia. The Austrians cross the River Jadar to the west of Belgrade, exactly where the Serbs had been expecting the attack.

Siege of Liege

The first Krupp 420mm Howitzer arrives outside Liege. The guns have been designed for the express purpose of attacking this sort of modern fort and they soon batter the Belgian forts into submission, justifying Otto von Emmich's decision to wait for their arrival.

War at Sea

Allied troops shut down the German radio station at Yap.



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