3 August 1914


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Buildup to War

Germany declares war on France, claiming that a French aircraft had bombed the railway near Karlsruhe and Nuremberg.

Western Front

German troops rest after capturing Vise, 3 August 1914
German troops rest
after capturing
Vise, 3 August 1914

German troops invade neutral Belgium.

Eastern Front

Grand Duke Nicholas is appointed Commander in Chief of the Russian Army. He proves to be a competent officer, but is eventually sacked when Tsar Nicholas II took command.

War at Sea

Main British concern in the Mediterranean is the destination of the German battlecruiser Goeben. The main British fleet (Admiral Milne) is posted north-east of Malta, with Admiral Troubridge's 1st Cruiser Squadron watching the Adriatic. At the start of the day Troubridge has the battlescruisers Indefatigable and Indomitable, but later in the day they are ordered to join Milne. At 8.30pm they are ordered to head for the straits of Gibraltar to stop the Goeben reaching the Atlantic. The Germans are actually planning to head east to the Ottoman Empire.

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