4 August 1914


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Buildup to War

German troops invade Belgium during the morning.

Britain declares war on Germany in responce to the German invasion of neutral Belgium

War at Sea

Admiral John Jellicoe is appointed Commander of the Grand Fleet, replacing Admiral Callaghan. The move was originally planned for October 1914, but was brought forward by the outbreak of war.

HMS Vindictive leaves Plymouth with Rear-Admiral de Robeck onboard to take up a posting to the 9th Cruiser Squadron on the Finisterre station.

12th Cruiser Squadron (Admiral Wemyss, with the cruiser HMS Charydis) puts to sea to form part of the Western Patrol, guding the western apporaches to the channel.

In the Mediterranean the German ships Goeben and Breslau run into the British battlecruisers Indefatigable and Indomitable, but war had not been declared. The British attempted to shadow the Germans, but the battlecruisers couldn't match the German's speed and the Germans were able to escape into Messina. The cruisers Dublin and Gloucester are able to keep up, but aren't allowed to get close to Italian waters.

The German cruiser SMS Emden captures the Russian steamer Riasan in the Korean strait.

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