7 August 1914


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Siege of Liege

German Officers in Liege Town, August 1914
German Officers in
Liege Town,
August 1914

Ludendorff advances on the outdated Citadal of Liege which surrenders without a fight. The Germans now control the city of Liege, but the Belgians still control the modern forts outside Liege

Battle of Mulhouse

The French advance slowly towards Mulhouse in Alsace, hoping that their presence in the area will trigger a general revolt against the Germans.

War at Sea

British Second and Third Fleets merged to form the Channel Fleet, commandered by Admiral Cecil Burney

9th Cruiser Squadron (Rear-Admiral de Robeck, including the cruiser Vindictive), captures the Norddeutscher Lloyd ship Schlesien

The light cruisers Dublin and Glasgow narrowly fail to intercept the German cruisers Goeben and Breslau. At the time this was seen as a missed chance to inflict some damage on the Germans, but it soon became clear that inferior forces would rarely inflict any damage and was thus a lucky escape for the British ships.

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