How to find information on this site

You can find information on this site in two ways.

If you know what you are looking for, then you can find it in our indexes. Our main index contains every article on the site, while other indexes are focused on a single subject, country or type of article. If you want to find out what we have on a particular subject, then try our subject indexes, where you will find every article we have on a series of significant topics, such as the First World War, or war in the air.

The second method is to use the search box at the top of each page. This will find every page that mentions your search term, but might not always produce everything we have on a topic (searching for 'Napoleonic Wars' will not find those articles that don't directly mention that phrase).

Subject Homepages

In some areas we are starting to create subject homepages, where we will bring together all of our resources related to that topic. At the moment, we have one subject homepage:

Napoleonic Wars Homepage

The Indexes

Country Indexes

Battles and wars will be found in the country index for every country that took part in the conflict. Biographies will be found in the country of origin of the person involved, unless that person played a major role for a second country (such as the German Friedrich Steuben, who played a major role in organising the American armies during the War of Independence).

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