21 August 1914


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Battle of the Frontiers of France

Second day of the battle of the Frontiers of France.

Battle of the Frontiers of France: Battle of the Sambre

The French Fifth Army (Lanrezac) is at the northern end of the French line, close to the Belgian border. When it becomes clear that some German troops are operating further north Lanrezac is ordered to guard against them. Lanrezac decides to defend the high ground south of the River Sambre.

In fact he is facing three German armies - the entire German right wing, with the Second and Third Armies about to attack on the Sambre. On 21 August elements of the German Second Army find an unguarded bridge over the river and cross to the south bank.

The attack is weakened when General Von Hausen (Third Army) has to send a corps to help with the siege of Namur.

Battle of the Jadar

End of the battle sees the failure of the first Austrian invasion of Serbia. On 12 August the Austrians had crossed the River Jadar west of Belgrade, but the Serbs counter-attacked on 16 August and by 21 August the Austrians have been forced to retreat back across the river.

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