22 August 1914


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Battle of the Frontiers of France : Battle of the Ardennes

Key day in the battle of the Ardennes. The French Third Army (General Pierre de Ruffey) and Fourth Army (General Fernanda de Langle de Cary) are advancing north-east through the Ardennes. They run into two German armies (Fourth, under the Duke of Württemberg and Fifth under Prince Frederick William).

On 22 August the advance guard of the French Third Army is hit by a shattering German artillery bombardment. The army has to stop its advance and fight to try and maintain its position.

The French Fourt Army attacks strong German postiions, losing heavily. The 3rd Colonial Division lost 11,000 of its 15,000 men on the 22nd. Both armies are forced to withdraw (24 August).

Battle of the Frontiers of France: Battle of the Sambre

General Lanrezac gives permission for a counterattack against German troops that have crossed the Sambre. Nine of his divisions leave their positions on the high ground south of the river to attack, but are badly mauled by three German divisions. A dangerous gap now begins to develop on Lanrezac's right.


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