28 August 1914


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Battle of Heligoland Bight

First significant naval engagement of the First World war. British naval forces attempt to ambush a German cruiser patrol that guarded the Heligoland Bight area against any raid by the main British fleet. The Royal Navy sinks three German cruisers and one destroyer (V 187) for no loss, and helps convince the Kaiser that his fleet should not be risked.

HMS Arethusa, Commodore Tyrwhitt's flagship during the battle is badly damaged in clashes with the German cruisers Stettin, Frauenlob and Stralsund but is saved by the arrival of the battlecruisers.

The British fleet includes the 1st Light Cruiser Squadron (with HMS Southampton, HMS Birmingham, HMS Lowestoft, HMS Nottingham), the 5th Cruiser Squadron (with HMS Liverpool), the Humber Squadron (HMS New Zealand, HMS Invincible) and Beatty's battle cruisers.

Western Front

General Ferdinand Foch is given command of a new Ninth Army, in the gap between the Fourth and Fifth Armies. This army fights off a number of German attacks during the First Battle of the Marne.

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