Battle of Haelen, 12 August 1914

The Battle of Haelen, 12 August 1914, was a minor Allied victory early in the First World War. While the main German effort was concentrated against the crucial Belgian fortress of Liege, a Cavalry Corps under General Georg von de Marwitz was sent across the Meuse River north of Liege, with orders to advance towards Louvain.

Wounded German at Haelen, 1914
Wounded German
at Haelen, 1914

Early on the morning of 12 August the German cavalry reached Haelen, where a force of Belgian cavalrymen was defending the bridge. They dismounted, and for the rest of the day fought as infantry. The Germans launched a series of attacks on the bridge, starting at 8 am and not ending until 6 pm, but were unable to dislodge the Belgians. Frustrated, Marwitz was forced to withdraw.

The battle of Haelen was portrayed as a major allied victory, but on 16 August the fortress of Liege finally fell, and the German advance through Belgium resumed.

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