6 August 1914


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Buildup to War

Austro-Hungarian Empire declares war on Russia

Siege of Liege

Ludendorff makes his first impact on the war. He takes commander of the leaderless 14th Bridage in the aftermath of the failed night attack of 5-6 August and manages to get the brigade inside the line of modern forts east of Liege. He then sends a party to Liege to demand the surrender of the city. The Belgian commander, General Leman, refuses to surrender. The Germans then raid his HQ and Leman moves to Fort Loncin, west of Liege.

Battle of the Ardennes

Start of a French cavalry sweep through the Ardennes that finds no German troops.

War at Sea

HMS Amphion becomes the first Royal Navy warship to be lost during the First World War when she hits a mine laid by the Königin Luise, a German minelayer that the Amphion had sunk on the previous day. 148 of her crew and most of the German prisoners were lost.

Admiral von Spee's squadron leaves Ponape in the central Pacific heading for Pagan Island in the Ladrones.

HMS Bristol takes part in a short skirmish with SMS Karlsruhe in the West Indies.

The German cruiser SMS Konigsberg captures the City of Winchester, a 6,601 ton liner carrying a cargo worth £250,000, including 30,000 chests of choice tea. This makes the Konigsberg the first German commerce raider to capture a merchant ship, but this is also her only success as a commerce raider.

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