20 August 1914


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Western Front

Battle of the Frontiers of France: Battle of Lorraine

Battle of Lorraine: German counterattack forces the French Second Army to retreat to the River Meurthe, the starting point for the French offensive which began on 14 August. French First Army is forced to retreat to stay in line with the Second Army. The battle becomes part of the wider battle of the Frontiers of France.


Sir Horace Smith-Dorrien arrives to take command of II Corps, replacing General James Grierson, who died of a heart attack on 17 August.

Eastern Front

Battle of Gumbinnen

Rennenkampf's Russian First Army launched an attack. The Germans under General Francois launch a counterattack, and his own troops force the Russians back five miles. Elsewhere the battle is a draw, causing panic in the German high command. As a result General Prittwitz is repalced by Hindenburg and Ludendorff

War at Sea

HMS Indomitable is ordered to Malta. Admiral Troubridge moves his flag from her to the Indefatigable then moves east to the Dardanelles.

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