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C Class Destroyers (1912)
C-38, Douglas
C5M, Mitsubishi
Cabezon, battle of, 12 June 1808
Cabriels, action at the River, 21 June 1808
Cabrillas Defile, action at the, 24 June 1808
Cacabellos defile, action at the, 3 January 1809
Cadiz, French siege of, 1810-24 August 1812
Cadogan, William, first earl of (1675-1726)
Cadwallon, king of Gwynedd, d.632
Caen,battle of, 6 June- 6 August 1944
Caesar, HMS
Caffarelli du Falga, Louis Marie Joseph Maximilien, 1756-99
Caffarelli, General Marie-François-, comte, 1766-1849
Cahors, siege of, 28-31 May 1580
Calais, siege of, 4 September 1346-4 August 1347
Calais, siege of, 23-26 May 1940
Calatafimi, battle of, 15 May 1860
Calatayud, siege of, 26 September-4 October 1811
Caldwell Class Destroyers
Caldwell, HMS/ USS Hale (DD-133)
Caldwell, USS (DD-69)
Caldwell, USS (DD-605)
Caledon class light cruisers
Calendar, French Republican
Caldiero, battle of, 12 November 1796
California, USS (BB 33)
Calliano, battle of, 5 September 1796
Callias, Peace of, 448 BC
Calliope class light cruisers
Calliope, HMS
Cambrai, battle of, 20 November- 7 December 1917
Cambrai, siege of, 11 August-7 October 159
Cambrai, War of the League of, 1508-1510
Cambrai-St. Quentin, battle of, 27 September-9 October 1918
Cambrian class light cruisers
Cambyses I, king of Persis, r.c.600-559 BC
Cambyses II, son of Cyrus the Great (r.529-522 BC)
Camden, battle of, 16 August 1780
Camel, Sopwith
Cameleon, HMS (1910)
Cameron, HMS/ USS Welles (DD-257 )
Campania, HMS
Campbell's Station, battle of, 16 November 1863
Campbeltown, HMS/ USS Buchanan (DD-131)
Campo Mayor, combat of, 25 March 1811
Campo Mayor, siege of, 14-21 March 1811
Canada, HMS
Canberra, USS (CA-70) (originally Pittsburgh)
Cannon, General John K., 1895-1955
Canon de 75 mle 1897
Canopus class battleships
Canopus, HMS
Censorinus, Gaius Marcius (d.82 BC)
Canstadt, combat of, 21 July 1796
Cantigny, battle of, 28 May 1918
Canusium, battle of, 89 BC
Cape Ecnomus, battle of, 256 BC
Cape Engano, battle of, 25 October 1944
Cape Esperance, 11-12 October 1942
Cape Gloucester, battle of, 26 December 1943-April 1944
Cape Hermaeum, battle of, 255 BC
Cape Saint George, battle of, 25 November 1943
Caporetto, battle of, 24 October-12 November 1917 (Italy)
Capsa, siege, 107 BC
Capua, battle and siege of, 343- BC
Capua, siege, July 1501
Capua, siege of, October -2 November 1860
Carbine, Napoleonic
Carbo, Gnaeus Papirius (d.81 BC)
Cardadeu, battle of 16 December 1808
Carentan, battle of, 8-13 June 1944
Carinnas, Gaius (d.82 BC)
Carlos the Jackal (Ilich Ramirez Sanchez) 1949-
Carlos Island, occupation of, 31 January 1944
Carlson Island, occupation of, 31 January 1944
Carmick, USS (DD-493/ DMS-33)
Carnatic War, First, 1744-48
Carnatic War, Second, 1749-54
Carnifex Ferry, battle of, 10 September 1861
Carnot, Lazare Nicolas Marguerite, 1753-1823
Caroline class light cruisers
Caroline, HMS
Carondelet, U.S.S.
Carpio, combat of, 25 September 1811
Carro Armato Celere Sahariano
Carro Veloce 29 Tankette (CV.29)
Carteaux, General Jean-François, 1751-1813
Carteia, battle of, 46 BC
Carter Island, occupation of, 31 January 1944
Carthaginian Invasion of Greek Sicily, 481-480
Cartwheel, Operation. the Reduction of Rabaul (30 June 1943- January 1944)
Carysfort, HMS
Carystus, siege of, 490 BC
Casa de Salinas, combat of, 27 July 1809
Casal Novo, combat of, 14 March 1811
Cascade, Operation (1942)
Case, USS (DD-285)
Case, USS (DD-370)
Casque (Helmet)
Cassander (358-297 BC)
Cassandra, HMS
Cassano, battle of, 27 April 1799
Cassin Class Destroyers
Cassin, USS (DD-43)
Cassin, USS (DD-372)
Cassina-Grossa or Alessandria , battle of, 20 June 1799
Cassino, first battle of, 12 January-12 February 1944
Cassino, second battle of , 15-18 February 1944
Cassino, third battle of, 15-22 March 1944
Cassino, fourth battle of, 11- 18 May 1944 (Operation Diadem)
Cassius Longinus's defeat, 107 BC
Castagnaro, battle of, 11 March 1387 (Italy)
Castalla, first battle of, 21 July 1812
Castalla, second battle of, 13 April 1813
Casteggio-Montebello, battle of, 9 June 1800
Castelfidardo, battle of, 18 September 1860
Castaños, General Francisco Xavier, Duke of Baylen, 1756-1852
Castelnau, Édouard de, 1851-1944, French General
Castiglione, battle of, 5 August 1796
Castillejos, combat of, 25 January 1809
Castillon, battle of, 1453
Castrejon, combat, 18 July 1812
Castrillo, combat, 18 July 1812
Castro Urdiales, combat of, 6-8 July 1812
Castro-Urdiales, siege of, 22 March-12 May 1813
Castleton, HMS/ USS Aaron Ward (DD-132)
Catalina, Consolidated PBY
Catchpole, Operation, 17-22 February 1944
Cathedral Square, Reggio, battle of, 21 August 1860
Cativolcus, king of the Eburones, d.53 B.C.
Caudine Forks, battle of, 321 BC
Caulaincourt, General Armand-Augustin-Louis, marquis de, duc de Vincence, 1773-1827
Caulaincourt, General Auguste-Jean-Gabriel, comte de, 1777-1812
Causeway, Operation: The Planned Invasion of Formosa 1944 - Part One
Causeway, Operation: The Planned Invasion of Formosa 1944 - Part Two
Cavalier, Cruiser Tank Mk VII (A24)
Centaur class light cruisers
Cephisus River, battle of, c.352 BC
Cavallero, Marshal Ugo, 1880-1943
Cavalry Carrier
Cecil Island, occupation of, 31 January 1944
Cecora, battle of, 18 September- 6 October 1620
Cedar Creek, battle of, 19 October 1864
Cedar Mountain, battle of 8, August 1862
Cell System, Terrorist
Cenabum, siege of, early 52 B.C.
Central Command, United States: CENTCOM - Shorter article
Central Command, United States: CENTCOM - Longer article
Centurion Main Battle Tank (UK)
Century (Roman)
Ceret, combat of the Bridge of, 26 November 1793
Cerignola, battle of, 26 April 1503
Ceva, battle of, 16-17 April 1796
Chabrias, d.356
Chaeronea, battle of, August 338 BC
Chaeronea, battle of, 86 B.C.
Chaeroneia, battle of, c. 352 BC
Chaffee, M24 Light Tank
Chaghansarai, siege of, 1518
Chalcedon, battle of, 73 B.C.
Chalcedon, siege of, 408 BC
Chalcis, battle of, 429
Challenger class second class cruisers
Challenger, HMS
Challenger, Cruiser Tank (A30)
Challenger Main Battle Tank (UK)
Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank (UK)
Chambarlhac de Laubespin, General Jacques-Antoine, baron de, 1754-1826
Champagne, Second Battle of, 25 September-6 November 1915
Champagne-Marne Offensive, 15-18 July 1918
Champaubert, battle of, 10 February 1814
Champigny-sur-Veude, truce of, 21 November 1575
Championnet, Etienne, 1761-1800
Champlin, USS (DD-104)
Champlin, USS (DD-601)
Champion, HMS
Champion’s Hill, battle of, 16 May 1863
Chancellorsville, battle of, 2-5 May 1863
Chance Vought F4U Corsair
Chance-Vought XTBU-1 Sea Wolf
Chanderi, siege of, 22-29 January, 1528
Chandler, USS (DD-206/ DMS-9)
Chandragupta Maurya, fl.c.325-290 BC
Chandwar, 1193 or 1194
Channel Ports - Le Havre, Boulogne, Calais, 5-30 September 1944
Chantilly, battle of, 1 September 1862
Chao Yung protected cruiser
Char 2C/ Char de Rupture 2C
Char B1-B1 bis. Tank (1929-1942)
Char D1 Infantry Tank
Char D2 Infantry Tank
Char Léger FCM 36 Infantry Tank
Char Léger Hotchkiss H35
Char Léger Hotchkiss H39
Char Léger MLE.1935 R/ Renault R35 Light Infantry Tank
Charlestown, HMS, USS Abbot (DD-184)
Chares, fl.367-333 BC
Charge of the Light Brigade (25 October 1854)
Charleroi, sieges of, 30 May-25 June 1794
Charles I, 1600-1649, king of Great Britain and Ireland (1625-1649)
Charles VII, Holy Roman Emperor (1742-45) (Charles Albert, Prince of Bavaria)
Charles VIII of France (1470-98)
Charles Albert, Prince of Bavaria, Emperor Charles VII (1742-1745)
Charles Ausburn, USS (DD-294)
Charles Edward Stuart, the Young Pretender (1720-1788)
Charles F Hughes, USS (DD-428)
Charles of Lorraine (d.1780)
Charleston, siege of, 1 April-12 May 1780
Charnwood, Operation, 8-9 July 1944
Chartres, siege of, 24 February-March 1568
Chase, USS (DD-323)
Chaser, HMS
Chasseloup-Laubat, General François, marquis de, 1754-1833
Chasteler de Courcelles, Johann Gabriel, marquis, 1763-1825
Chateauguay River, battle of, 26 October 1813
Chateau-Thierry, battle of, 12 February 1814
Château Thierry, battle of, 1-4 June 1918
Chatham class light cruisers
Chatham, HMS
Châtillon, combat of, 18 May 1800
Chattanooga and Chickamauga Campaign, 1863 (American Civil War)
Chauncey, USS (DD-3)
Chauncey, USS (DD-296)
Chauncey Island, occupation of, 31 January-2 February 1944
Chaves, combat of, 10-11 March 1809
Chaves, siege of, 20-25 March 1809
Cheat Mountain, 10-15 September 1861
Cheerful, HMS (1897)
Chelmer, HMS (1904)
Chelsea, HMS/ USS Crowninshield (DD-134)
Chenggao, battle of, 204 BC
Chenggao, siege of, 204 BC
Chenillette Lorraine Type 37L or Lorraine Tractor
Ch'ents'ang, battle of, 206 BC
Chen Yuan armoured turret ship 
Cherasco, Armistice of, 28 April 1796
Cherbourg, battle of, 22-29 June 1944
Chernyakhovskii, Ivan
Cherryblossom, Operation, the invasion of Bougainville (1 November 1943-March 1944)
Cherwell, HMS (1903)
Chester, battle of, 613-616
Chester, HMS
Chester, USS (CA-27)
Chesterfield, HMS/ USS Welborn C Wood (DD-195)
Chestnut, Operation, 12-19 July 1943
Chew, USS (DD-106)
Chicago, USS (CA-29)
Chicago, USS (CA-136)
Chichagov, Admiral Pavel, 1767-1849
Chickamauga, battle of, 19-20 September 1863
Chickasaw Bluffs, battle of, 29 December 1862
Chieftain Main Battle Tank (UK)
Chihaya, siege of, March-22 June 1333
Childs, USS (DD-241/ AVP-14/ AVD-1)
Ching Ch'ing composite cruiser
Chingleput, siege of, 13 October 1752
Chios, battle of, 357 or 356 BC
Chios, battle of, of 201 B.C.
Chippawa, battle of, 5 July 1814
Chitose class aircraft carriers
Chlopicki, General Jozef Gregorz, 1771-1854
Chmielnik, battle of, March 1241 (Poland)
Chocim, battle of, September to 9 October 1621 (NS)
Choiseul Raid, 27 October-4 November 1943 (Operation Blissful)
Chokoji Castle, siege of, 1570
Chotusitz, battle of, 17 May 1742
Chremonidean War, c.266-262 B.C., (Greece)
Christian III of Denmark, 1503-1559
Christian of Brunswick, administrator of Halberstadt (1598-1626)
Christie Medium Tank M1919
Christie Medium Tank M1921
Christie M1928
Christie M1931/ Medium Tank T3/ Combat Car T1
Christopher, HMS (1912)
Chronicle, Operation, Woodlark and Kiriwina Islands (30 June 1943)
Chu-Han Contention, 206-202 BC
Churchill, Sir Winston (1874-1965)
Churchill Infantry Tank Mk IV (A22)
Churchill I
Churchill II
Churchill III
Churchill IV
Churchill IV NA75
Churchill V
Churchill VI
Churchill VII
Churchill VIII
Churchill IX
Churchill Mk X
Churchill Mk XI
Churchill Ark (Assault Ramp Carrier)
Churchill AVRE (Assault Vehicle, Royal Engineers)
Churchill AVRE with 'Goat' Explosive Device
Churchill Crocodile
Churchill 'Jumbo' Bridging Tank
Churchill Octopus
Churchill Oke
Churchill with 'Carrot' Explosive Device
Churchill with 'Onion' Explosive Device
Churchill, HMS/ USS Herndon (DD-198)
Cicero's Camp, siege of, late 54 B.C.
Cimbric War (113-101 BC)
Cimon, c.510-451 BC
Cincinnati, USS (CL-6)
Cinna, L. Cornelius (d.84 BC)
Circular Error Probability
Cirta, siege of, 112 BC
Cirta, siege of, January 46 BC
Cirta, first battle of, 106 or 105 BC
Cirta, second battle, 106 or 105 BC
Cithaeron, battle of, 376 BC
Ciudad Real, battle of, 26 March 1809
Ciudad Rodrigo, siege of, 5 June-10 July 1810
Ciudad Rodrigo, siege of, 8-19 January 1812
Clare, HMS/ USS Abel P Upshur (DD-193)
Clark, USS (DD-361)
Clastidium, battle of, 222 BC
Clausewitz, General Karl Philipp Gottlieb von, 1780-1831
Claxton, USS (DD-140)/ HMS Salisbury
Cleanslate, Operation, the occupation of the Russell Islands, 21 February 1943
Clearchus (d.400 BC)
Cleitus, d.318, Macedonian Admiral
Clement VII, Pope, 1478-1534 (pope 1523-34)
Clemson Class Destroyers
Clemson, USS (DD-186/ AVP-17/ AVD-4/ APD-31)
Cleopatra, HMS
Clerfayt, Franz Sebastian de Croix, Graf von, 1733-98
Cleveland Class Light Cruisers
Cleveland, USS (CL-55)
Clive, Robert, baron, 'Clive of India', 1725-1774
Clontarf, battle of, 1014
Clouds, battle of the, 16 September 1777
Clovis I, king of the Franks, r.481-511
Clowes, Cyril A., 1892-1968
Clunia, siege of, 75 BC
Clusium, first battle of, 82 BC
Clusium, second battle of, 82 BC
Clusius, River, battle of the, 223 BC
Cnidus, battle of, 412/11 BC
Cnidus, battle of, 394 BC
Coa, combat of the, 24 July 1810
Coat, Operation, 15-20 November 1940
Cobra, ACEC, APC (Belgium)
Cobra, Operation, 25-31 July 1944
Cockatrice, HMS (1912)
Coghlan, USS (DD-326)
Coghlan, USS (DD-606)
Cognac, War of the Leage of/ Second Hapsburg-Valois War (1526-30)
Colbert, General Edouard de, comte de Colbert-Chabanais, 1774-1853
Colby Moor, battle of, 1 August 1645
Col de Tende, combat of, 6 or 7 May 1800
Cold Comfort/ Zombie, Operation, 17 February-March 1945
Cold Harbor, battle of, 31 May-3 June 1864
Colditz, combat of, 5 May 1813
Cole, USS (DD-155/ AG-116)
Colenso, battle of 15 December 1899
Colhoun, USS (DD-85/ APD-2)
Coligny, Gaspard II de (1519-1572)
Collar, Operation, 24-30 November 1940
Colli-Marchini, Michael Freiherr von, 1738-1808
Colline gate, battle of the, 1 November 82 BC
Colt weapon company
Collins, J. Lawton, 1896-1987 (Lighting Joe)
Collioure, combat of, 21 December 1793
Collioure, Saint-Elme and Port-Ventres, siege of, 6-29 May 1794
Collingwood, Cuthbert, first baron Collingwood (1750-1810)
Colloredo-Mansfeld, Hieronymus Karl Graf von, 1775-1822
Colne, HMS (1905)
Colonna, Prospero, 1452-1523
Colorado Class battleships
Colorado, USS (BB 45)
Colossus class battleships
Columbia, HMCS, USS Haraden (DD-183)
Columbia, USS (CL-56)
Columbus, USS (CA-74)
Combat Car M1 and M2 (USA)/ Light Tank M1
Combat Car T1/ Christie M1931/ Medium Tank T3
Comet, Cruiser Tank A34
Comet, HMS (1910)
Comius, defeat of, late 51 B.C.
Commius of the Atrebates, fl.57-50 BC
Compans, General Jean-Dominique, Comte, 1769-1845
Compass, Operation, part 1 (Desert War, December 1940-January 1941)
Compass, Operation, part 2 (Desert War, December 1940-January 1941)
Compass, Operation, part 3 (Desert War, December 1940-January 1941)
Compiegne, treaty of, 10 June 1624
Comus, HMS
Concord & Lexington, 19 April 1775
Concord, USS (CL-10)
Condé or St. Amand, battle of, 8 May 1793
Condé, siege of, April-10 July 1793
Conflict, HMS (1894)
Congreve Rockets
Coningham, Air Vice Marshal Arthur 'Mary' (1895-1948)
Conjeveram, battle of, 16-18 December 1751
Conner, USS (DD-72)/ HMS Leeds
Conon, c.450-389 BC
Conquest, HMS
Consolidated B-24 Liberator
Consolidated B-32 Dominator
Consolidated B-36 Peacekeeper
Consolidated C-87 Liberator Express
Consolidated C-109 Tanker (Liberator)
Consolidated NY 'Husky'
Consolidated N2Y
Consolidated N4Y
Consolidated O-17 Courier
Consolidated P-25
Consolidated P-30/ PB-2
Consolidated P2Y
Consolidated PBY Catalina
Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer
Consolidated PT-1 'Trusty'
Consolidated PT-2 'Husky'
Consolidated PT-3 'Husky'
Consolidated PT-4
Consolidated PT-5
Consolidated PT-6
Consolidated PT-11/ BT-6
Consolidated PT-12/ BT-7
Consolidated TBY-2 Sea Wolf
Consolidated XA-11
Consolidated XBY-1 Fleetster
Consolidated XB2Y
Consolidated XC-99
Consolidated XN3Y
Consolidated XPT-8
Consolidated Y1C-11
Consolidated Y1C-22
Constantine, Grand Duke, 1779-1831
Constantino, skirmish 5 January 1809
Constantinople, siege and fall of, 2 April-29 May 1453
Constitution vs Guerrière
Constitution vs Java
Contest, HMS (1913)
Continental System
Convair F-106 Delta Dart
Convair X-6
Convention Army
Converse, USS (DD-291)
Convoy HX237, attack on, 7-14 May 1943
Convoy HX239, attack on, 22-25 May 1943
Convoy ONS5, attack on, 28 April-6 May 1943
Convoy SC129, attack on, 12-14 May 1943
Convoy SC130, attack on, 18-25 May 1943
Conway, battle near, 22 January 1295
Conyngham, USS (DD-58)
Copenhagen, battle of, 2 April 1801: Main Article
Copenhagen, battle of: The British Ships
Copenhagen, battle of: The Danish Ships
Copenhagen, battle of: Nelson's first letter to the Crown Prince
Copenhagen, battle of: Nelson's second letter to the Crown Prince
Copenhagen, peace of, 6 June 1660
Coquette, HMS (1897)
Coral Sea, battle of the, 3-8 May 1942
Corbineau, General Jean-Baptiste-Juvenal, comte, 1776-1846
Corcyra, battle of, 373-2 BC
Cordelia, HMS
Cordova, sack of, 7 June 1808
Corfinium, siege of, early 49 BC
Cork and Orrery, William Boyle, 12th Earl of, 1873-1967
Corinth, battle of, 3-4 October 1862
Corinth-Corcyra War, 435-431 BC
Corinthian War (395-386 BC)
Corkscrew, Operation - Invasion of Pantelleria, 11 June 1943
Cornwallis, HMS
Coronea, battle of, 394 BC
Coroneia, battle of, c.352 BC
Coronel, battle of, 1 November 1914
Corrick’s Ford, battle of, 13 July 1861
Corry, USS (DD-334)
Corry, USS (DD-463)
Corsair, Chance Vought F4U
Corunna, battle of, 16 January 1809
Corycus, battle of, 191 B.C.
Coote, Sir Eyrie (1726-1783)
Cos, battle of, 258 BC
Cossack, HMS (1907)
Cossacks (First World War)
Cossacks, Napoleonic
Cotentin Peninsula, battle of the, 6 June-1 July 1944
Counter Rotary Engine
'County' Class Destroyer
Courtrai, 11 July 1302, battle of (Belgium)
Courtrai, battle of, 11 May 1794
Coutras, battle of, 20 October 1587
Covelung, siege of, 16 September 1752
Covenanter, Cruiser Tank Mk V, A13 Mk III
Coventry Armoured Car
Covert Operations
Covert Operations, Cold War and beyond
Cowell, USS (DD-167)/ HMS Brighton
Cowpens, battle of, 17 January 1781
Cradock, Sir Christopher “Kit”, 1862-1914
Craftsman, Operation - Battle of Bologna, 14-21 April 45
Crampton’s Gap, 14 September 1862
Crane, HMS (1896)
Crane, USS (DD-109)
Crannon, battle of, August 322 B.C.
Craonne, battle of, 7 March 1814
Crastus, battle, c.465 BC
Crater, battle of the, 30 June-3 April 1864
Crauford, Robert (1764-1812)
Crecy, battle of, 1346
Craven (DD-70), USS/ HMS Lewes
Craven, USS (DD-382)
Creek War, 1813-14, (U.S.A.)
Crefeld, battle of, 23 June 1758 (Germany)
Cressy Class first class armoured cruisers
Crete, German invasion of, Operation Mercury: 20 May-1 June 1941
Creterus (c.370-321 BC)
Crimean War, 1853-1856
Crocus Field (or Pagasae), battle of, 353 BC
Cromwell, Oliver, 1599-1658, Lord Protector
Crosby, USS (DD-164/ APD-17)
Cross Keys, Battle of 8 June 1862
Crowninshield (DD-134), USS/ HMS Chelsea
Cruewell, Ludwig, 1892-1958
Cruiser Classes, British, First World War
Cruiser Classes, German, First World War
Cruiser Tank A14
Cruiser Tank A16
Cruiser Tank A23
Cruiser Tank A26
Cruiser Tank A28
Cruiser Tank A29
Cruiser Tank A31
Cruiser Tank A32
Cruiser Tank A35
Cruiser Tank Challenger (A30)
Cruiser Tank Comet (A34)
Cruiser Tank, Grizzly Mk I (Canada)
Cruiser Tank Mk I (A9)
Cruiser Tank Mk II (A10)
Cruiser Tank Mk III (A13)
Cruiser Tank Mk IV (A13 Mk II)
Cruiser Tank Mk V, Covenanter (A13 Mk III)
Cruiser Tank Mk VI, Crusader (A15)
Cruiser Tank Mk VII, Cavalier (A24)
Cruiser Tank, Ram Mk I (Canada)
Cruiser Tank, Ram Mk II (Canada)
Cruiser Tank, Sentinel AC I
Cruiser Tank, Sentinel AC II
Cruiser Tank, Sentinel AC III (Australia)
Cruiser Tank, Sentinel AC IV (Australia)
Cruiser Tank Sherman VC (Firefly)
Crusade, First, 1096-1099
Crusade, Second, 1147-1149
Crusade, Third, 1189-1192
Crusade, Fourth, 1202-1204
Crusade, Fifth, 1218-1221
Crusade, Sixth, 1228-1229
Crusade, Seventh, 1248-1254
Crusade, Eighth, 1270
Crusader, Cruiser Tank Mk VI (A15)
Crusader, HMS (1909)
Crusader, Operation (18 November-20 December 1941)
Crysler’s Farm, battle of, 11 November 1813
C.S.S. Alabama
Cuddalore, battle of, 27-28 June 1747
Cuesta, Don Gregorio de la, 1740-1812
Culloden, battle of, 16 April 1746 (Scotland)
Cumae, naval battle, 474 BC
Cumberland, William Augustus, duke of (1721-1765)
Cummings, USS (DD-44)
Cummings, USS (DD-365)
Cuneo, siege of, 18 November-4 December 1799
Cunningham, Admiral Sir Andrew, 1883 - 1963
Cunningham, Admiral Sir John, 1885-1962
Cuirassier, Napoleonic
Curicta, siege of, 49 BC
Curtiss A-3
Curtiss A-8 Shrike
Curtiss A-12 Shrike
Curtiss A-18 Shrike
Curtiss A-25 Shrike
Curtiss AT-4
Curtiss AT-5
Curtiss B-2 Condor
Curtiss BFC
Curtiss BF2C
Curtiss C-30/ R4C-1/ Condor II
Curtiss C-46 Commando
Curtiss C-55
Curtiss CS/ Martin T2M/ Martin SC
Curtiss CT
Curtiss F4C
Curtiss F-5L
Curtiss F6C Hawk
Curtiss F7C Seahawk
Curtiss F8C Helldiver
Curtiss F9C Sparrowhawk
Curtiss F11C Goshawk
Curtiss F12C/ XS4C/ XSBC (Model 73)
Curtiss H-1 'America'
Curtiss H-4 'Small America'
Curtiss H-12 ‘Large America’
Curtiss H-16 'Large America'
Curtiss Hawk I
Curtiss Hawk II
Curtiss Hawk III
Curtiss Hawk IV
Curtiss HS-1
Curtiss HS-2
Curtiss HS-3
Curtiss Jenny (Model JN)
Curtiss JN-2
Curtiss JN-3
Curtiss JN-4
Curtiss JN-4Can 'Canuck'
Curtiss JN-5
Curtiss JN-6
Curtiss JNS
Curtiss MF
Curtiss Model F
Curtiss Model J
Curtiss Model N
Curtiss NBS-4
Curtiss NC
Curtiss O-1 Falcon
Curtiss O-11 Falcon
Curtiss O-13 Falcon
Curtiss O-26
Curtiss O-39
Curtiss O-40 Raven
Curtiss O-52 Owl
Curtiss OC
Curtiss O2C
Curtiss P-1 Hawk
Curtiss P-2 Hawk
Curtiss P-3 Hawk
Curtiss P-5 Superhawk
Curtiss P-6 Hawk
Curtiss P-23
Curtiss P-36 (Hawk 75)
Curtiss P-40/ Hawk 81/ Hawk 87/ Tomahawk/ Kittyhawk/ Warhawk
Curtiss PN-1
Curtiss PW-8
Curtiss R-2
Curtiss R-3
Curtiss R-4
Curtiss R-6
Curtiss R-9
Curtiss R5C
Curtiss SBC Helldiver
Curtiss SB2C Helldiver
Curtiss SC Seahawk
Curtiss SNC Falcon / Curtiss-Wright CW-22
Curtiss SOC Seagull
Curtiss SO3C Seamew/ Seagull
Curtiss Twin JN
Curtiss YA-10
Curtiss YP-20
Curtiss XA-4
Curtiss XA-14 Shrike
Curtiss XA-43
Curtiss XBT-4
Curtiss XBTC
Curtiss XBT2C
Curtiss XC-10
Curtiss XF13C
Curtiss XF14C
Curtiss XF15C
Curtiss XO-12 Falcon
Curtiss XO-16
Curtiss XO-18
Curtiss XP-10
Curtiss XP-11
Curtiss XP-14
Curtiss XP-17
Curtiss XP-18
Curtiss XP-19
Curtiss XP-21 Hawk
Curtiss XP-22
Curtiss XP-31 Swift
Curtiss XP-42
Curtiss XP-46
Curtiss XP-55 Ascender
Curtiss XP-60
Curtiss XP-62
Curtiss XP-71
Curtiss XP-87/ XF-87 Blackhawk
Curtiss XS3C/ XF10C-1
Curtiss-Martin NBS-1
Curtiss-Wright C-76 Caravan
Curtiss-Wright CW-19
Curtiss-Wright CW-21 Demon
Curtiss-Wright C-113 Commando
Cushing, USS (DD-55)
Cushing, USS (DD-376)
Custer, George Armstrong, 1839-1876
Custine, Adam-Philippe, comte de, 1740-1793
Cycle, Operation, the evacuation from Havre, 10-13 June 1940
Cygnet, USS (1898)
Cynoscephalea, battle of, 197 B.C.
Cynossema, battle of, 411
Cynthia, USS (1898)
Cyprus, Antigonid Conquest of , 306 BC
Cyrus I, king of Persis, fl mid 7th C. BC
Cyrus II the Great (c.575-530 BC)
Cyzicus, battle, 410
Cyzicus, siege of, 73 B.C.
Czarnowo, combat of, 23 December 1806