HMS Comus

HMS Comus was a Caroline class light cruiser that spent the First World War with the Grand Fleet, fighting at the battle of Jutland. In May 1915 she was commissioned into the 4th Light Cruiser Squadron of the Grand Fleet, remaining there for the rest of the war. On 29 February 1916 she took part in the sinking of the German raider Grief, arriving after her crew had been forced to abandon ship, but in time to take part in the actual sinking of the ship.

HMS Comus, Scapa Flow, June 1917
HMS Comus, Scapa Flow, June 1917

At the battle of Jutland HMS Comus formed part of the anti-submarine screen for the battleships of the Grand Fleet on their journey towards the battle. She then took part in the destroyer battle between the fleets during the main engagement (7.15-7.30pm). Finally she was one of the last British ships to fire on the German battleships at the end of the main engagement, and was still firing at 8.30pm by which time the British battle ships had lost sight of the Germans.

In October 1917 Comus and the 4th Light Cruiser Squadron were sent to patrol off the Norwegian coast during efforts to find a German fleet known to be at sea. In the event that fleet was able to attack one of the Scandinavian convoys and then return safely to Germany.

After the war HMS Comus joined the 1st LCS (1919), before undergoing a refit and joining the 4th LCS in the East Indies (1919-1923). She spent the next year with the 3rd LCS in the Mediterranean,. From 1925 until 1920 she was part of the 2nd LCS of the Atlantic Fleet, before entering the reserve in 1930.

Displacement (loaded)


Top Speed


Armour – deck


 - belt


 - conning tower





Two 6in Mk XII guns
Eight 4in quick firing Mk IV guns
One 13pdr anti-aircraft gun
Four 3pdr guns
Four 21in above-water torpedo tubes

Crew complement



16 December 1914


January 1915

Sold for break up



A. G. Hotham (1916)

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