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T3 75mm Howitzer Motor Carriage
T7 Light Tank/ M7 Medium Tank
T8 Reconnaissance Vehicle
T9 Armoured Utility Vehicle
T-12 medium tank
T16 4.5in Gun Motor Carriage
T-16 light tank (USSR)
T17 Command Post Vehicle
T18 75mm Howitzer Motor Carriage
T-18 Light Tank (USSR)
T19 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage
T21 Light Armored Car
T21 Light Tank
T22 Light Armored Car
T-22 Medium Tank
T22E1 Light Armored Car
T23 Light Armored Car
T23E1 Light Armored Car
T24 3in Gun Motor Carriage
T-24 Medium Tank
T-25 Light Tank
T26 75mm Gun Motor Carriage
T-26 Light Tank
T27 81mm Mortar Motor Carriage
T29 4.2in Mortar Motor Carriage
T30 75mm Howitzer Motor Carriage
T30 Armored Chemical Car
T-33 amphibious tank
T-34-76 Medium Tank - Introduction and Overview
T-34-76 Medium Tank – Designations and Variants
T-34-85 Medium Tank
T-34 Production
T-35 heavy tank
T36 40mm Gun Motor Carriage
T-37 amphibious tank
T-38 amphibious tank
T38 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage
T38 Mortar Motor Carriage
T-40 amphibious tank
T41 Howitzer Motor Carriage
T42 37mm Gun Motor Carriage
T44 57mm Gun Motor Carriage
T-46 Light Tank
T49 57mm Gun Motor Carriage
T51 25pdr Howitzer Motor Carriage
T52 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage
T53 90mm Gun Motor Carriage
T-54 Main Battle Tank (Russia)
T-55 Main Battle Tank (Russia)
T56 3in Gun Motor Carriage
T57 3in Gun Motor Carriage
T57 120mm gun tank
T58 155mm gun tank
T-60 scout tank
T-62 Main Battle Tank (Russia)
T64 155mm Howitzer Motor Carriage
T-64 Main Battle Tank (Russia)
T65 40mm Gun Motor Carriage
T65 Flame Tank
T67 75mm Gun Motor Carriage
T69 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage
T-70 Light Tank
T72 76mm Gun Motor Carriage
T-72 Main Battle Tank (Russia)
T77 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage
T78 90mm Gun Motor Carriage
T-80 Light Tank
T-80 Main Battle Tank (Russia)
T81 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage
T84 8in Howitzer Motor Carriage
T85 20mm Multiple Gun Motor Carriage
T86 76mm Gun Motor Carriage (Amphibious)
T87 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage (Amphibious)
T88 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage
T-90 Main Battle Tank (Russia)
T92 240mm Howitzer Motor carriage
T93 8in Gun Motor Carriage
T94 250mm Mortar Motor Carriage
T95 105mm Gun Motor Carriage/ Heavy Tank T28
T96 105mm gun tank
T96 155mm Mortar Motor Carriage
T110 120mm Gun Tank
Tachikawa Ki-72
Tafalla, siege of, to 11 February 1813
Taiyo class aircraft carriers
Taku, HMS (1898)
Talana Hill, 20 October 1899
Talasea, battle of, Operation Appease, 6-11 March 1944
Talbot, HMS
Talavera, battle of, 27-28 July 1809
Talavera Campaign, June-August 1809
Talavera, the armies at, 27-28 July 1809
Talbot, USS (DD-114/ APD-7)
Tallahassee, USS (CL-61)
Tall al-Sultan, battle of, 22 April 1176
Tamames, battle of, 18 October 1809
Tanagra, battle of, 426 BC
Tank designations, Japanese, Second World War
Tanker War 1984-1988
Tannenberg, battle of, 26-31 August 1914
Taranto, siege, Autumn 1501-March 1502
Taraori or Tarain, first battle of, 1191
Taraori or Tarain, second battle of, 1192
Tarbell, USS (DD-142)
Taranto Landings (Operation Slapstick), 9 September 1943
Tarifa, siege of, of 20 December 1811-5 January 1812
Tarracina, battle of, 314 BC
Tarragona, siege of, 3 May 1811-28 June 1811
Tarragona, siege of, 3-12 June 1813
Tartar, HMS (1907)
Tarutino or Vinkovo, battle of, 18 October 1812
Tashkent or the Mire, battle of, 1365
Tassafaronga, battle of, 30 November 1942
Tattnall, USS (DD-125/ APD-19)
Tauberbischofsheim, battle of, 24 July 1866
Tauchpanzer III
Tauchpanzer IV
Tauenzein, Freidrich, Graf von Wittenburg (1760-1824)
Tauroggen, Convention of, 30 December 1812
Taylor, USS (DD-94)
Taylorcraft O-57/ L-2 Grasshopper
TBD Devastator, Douglas
TBF/ TBM Avenger, Grumman
TBY-2 Sea Wolf, Consolidated
Teanum, 'battle of', 83 BC
Teanum Sidicinum, battle of, 90 BC
Teanus River,  battle of, 88 BC
Tegea, battle of, March 46 BC
Tegyra, battle of, spring 375 BC
Teispes, king of Persis, fl. mid 7thC BC
Telamon, battle of, 225 BC
Telamon War (225-222 BC)
Teleutias, d.381 BC
Tempest, Hawker
Tennessee class battleships
Tennessee, Hood's Invasion of, 1864
Tennessee, USS (BB 43)
Tarawa, battle for, Operation Galvanic (1), November 1943
Teplitz, Treaty of, 9 September 1813
Teppo-tai (Japan)
Terrorism, State Sponsored
Terrorist Cell System
Terrorist Targets
Terry, USS (DD-25)
Test, HMS (1905)
Tettenhall, battle of, 5 August 910
Teugn-Hausen, battle of, 19 April 1809
Teviot, HMS (1903)
Tewkesbury, battle of, 4 May 1471
Texas, USS (BB 35)
Texel, battle of, 11/ 21 August 1673 (or Kijkduin)
Thala, siege of, 108 BC
Thane, HMS
Thapsus, battle of, April 46 BC
Thatcher, USS (DD-162)/ HMCS Niagara
Theban Hegemony, war of, 371-362
Theban-Spartan War or Boeotian War, 379-371
Thebes Campaign, 378 BC
Thebes Campaign, 377 BC
Thebes, siege of, 479 BC
Themistocles (c.524-460 BC)
Thermopylae, battle of, August 480 BC
Thermopylae, battle of, 191 B.C.
Thespiae, battle of, 378 BC
Thibron (d.392 BC).
Thielt (or Hackespol), battle of, 21 June 1128 (Flanders)
Thiepval Ridge, battle of, 26-30 September 1916
Third Day of the Fourth Month, battle of, 17 May 1333
Third Sacred War, 355-346 BC
Thirteen Years War, 1654-1667
Thirty Years War (1618-48)
Thomas, USS (DD-182)/ HMS St. Albans
Thomas-Morse O-6
Thomas-Morse O-19
Thomas-Morse O-20
Thomas-Morse O-21
Thomas-Morse O-23
Thomas-Morse O-33
Thomas-Morse O-41
Thompson Sub Machine Gun (1918-1944)
Thompson Sub Machine Gun (Longer Article)
Thompson, USS (DD-305)
Thorn, HMS (1900)
Thornton, USS (DD-270/ AVD-11)
Thrasher, HMS (1895)
Thrasybulus, d.388 BC
Three-inch Mortar Carrier
Thunderbolt, Republic P-47
Ticinus, battle of, November 218 BC
Ticonderoga, defence of, 6-7 July 1758 (America)
Ticonderoga, capture of, 11 May 1775
Tiebas, combat of, 9 February 1813
Tiger I Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf E
Tiger (P) /VK 45.01 (P)/ Porsche Typ 101
Tiger II (King Tiger) main battle tank (MBT)
Tiger P2/ Porsche Typ 180/ VK 45.02 (P)
Tiger-Mörser/ Sturmmörser/ 38cm RW61 auf Sturmmörser Tiger
Tiger, HMS
Tigranocerta, battle of, 6 or 7 October 69 B.C.
Tigress. HMS (1911)
Tilly, Johan Tserclaes, count of (1559-1632)

Tippermuir, battle of, 1 September 1644

Tillman, USS (DD-135)/ HMS Wells
Tilsit, treaties of, 7 and 9 July 1807
Ting Yuen armoured turret ship
Tingey, USS (DD-272)
Tinian, battle of, 24 July-1 August 1944
Tiruvadi, first battle of, 30 July 1750
Tiruvadi, second battle of, 1 September 1750
Tiruvadi, siege of, 14 January-5 May 1753
Tissaphernes (d.395 BC)
Tobitschau, battle of, 16 July 1866
Tobruk, siege of, April-December 1941
Tobruk, siege of, 17-21 June 1942
Toenails, Operation, the invasion of New Georgia (30 June-5 August 1943)
TOG Heavy Tank
TOG II Heavy Tank
Tolbiac (Zulpich), battle of, 496
Tolbukhin, Fyodor I. (1894 – 1949)
Toledo, USS (CA-133)
Tolentino, Peace of, 19 February 1797
Tolenus or Liris River, battle of, 11 June 90 BC
Tolosa, siege of, 106 BC
Tolsdorf, Theodor, 1909-1978
Tomahawk, Curtiss (P-40)
Tombola, Operation, 4 March-24 April 1945
Topaze, HMS
Topeka, USS (CL-67)
Torch, Operation, 8-11 November 1942
Torgau, battle of, 3 November 1760 (Germany)
Torgau, siege of, 8 October 1813-10 January 1814
Tornado, Hawker
Torres Vedras, Lines of
Torrijos, combat of, 26 July 1809
Tortoise Heavy Assault Tank, A39
Tortosa, siege of, 16 December 1810-2 January 1811
Totalize, Operation, 8-11 August 1944
Toucey, USS (DD-282)
Toulon, naval battle of, 11 February 1744 (France)
Toulouse, siege of 22 January-20 February 1570
Tourcoing, battle of, 18 May 1794
Tournai, battle of, 22 May 1794
Tours, Treaty of, 30 April 1589
Tower of London, siege of, 2-19 July 1460
Towton, battle of, 29 March 1461
Toyoda, Admiral Soemu, 1885-1957
Trachenberg Plan, 12 July 1813
Tracked Self-Propelled 25 pounder, Sexton (Canada)
Tractable, Operation, 14 August-21 August 1944
Tracy, USS (DD-214/ DM-19)
Trafalgar, battle of, 21 October 1805
Trafalgar, battle of, VRML map of
Trafalgar, campaign of, 1805
Transloy Ridges, battle of the, 1-20 October 1916
Trasimeno or Albert Line, battle of the, 20 June-2 July 1944
Trausian Plain, c.390-384 B.C.
Travendal, Treaty of, 18 August 1700
Tarvisio, combat of, 18 May 1809
Tracker, HMS
Treatment, Operation (1942)
Trebbia, battle of the, 17-19 June 1799
Trebia, battle of, late December 218 BC
Tremendal, combat of, 23-24 November 1809
Trenton, battle of, 26 December 1776
Trenton, USS (CL-11)
Tre Ponti, battle of, 15 June 1859
Trever, USS (DD-339/ DMS-16)
Trevilian Station, battle of, 11-12 June 1864
Tribal Class Destroyer (1905)
Trichinopoly, first battle of, or battle of the Golden Rock, 7 July 1753
Trichinopoly, second battle of, 18 August 1753
Trichinopoly, third battle of, or battle of Sugar Loaf Rock, 2 October 1753
Trichinopoly, siege of, July 1751-10 April 1752
Trichinopoly, siege of, 3 January 1753-August 1754
Trifanum, battle of, 340 BC
Trigno, battle of the, 27 October-4 November 1943
Trinacie, siege of, c.440 BC
Triparadisus, settlement at, 320 BC
Trippe, USS (DD-33)
Trippe, USS (DD-403)
Trippstadt and Platzberg, Combat of, 13-14 July 1794
Triumph, HMS
Trollope, Sir Andrew, d.1461
Trouncer, HMS
Troyes, peace of, 11 April 1564
Truguet, Admiral Laurent Jean François, 1752-1839
Truillas, battle of, 22 September 1793
Trumpeter, HMS
Truxtun Class Destroyers
Truxtun, USS (DD-14)
Truxtun, USS (DD-229)
Tsingtao, siege of, 18 September-6 November 1914
TSR-2 (UK)
TSR-2: The Plane That Barely Flew (Longer articles)
Tsukushi, battle of, 7 July 1333
Tucker Class Destroyers
Tucker, USS (DD-57)
Tucker, USS (DD-374)
Tucson, USS (CL-98)
Tudela, action of, 8 June 1808
Tudela, battle of, 23 November 1808
Tudor, Owen, c.1400-1461
T'u-mu, battle of, 1449 (China)
Tunis, battle of, 255 BC
Tunis, battle of/ Operation Strike, 5-13 May 1943
Tunisian Campaign, November 1942-May 1943
Tupelo, battle of, 14-15 July 1864
Tupolev Tu-126 ‘Moss’
Tupolev Tu-142 'Bear'
Turbigo, battle of, 3 June 1859
Turbigo, combat of, 31 May 1800
Turia or Saguntum, battle of the, 75 BC
Turkey Buzzard/ Begger, Operation (3 June-7 July 1943)
Turner (DD-259 ), USS / Moosehead (IX-98)
Tuscaloosa, USS (CA-37)
Typhoon, Hawker
Twelfth Day of the Third Month, battle of (26 April 1333)
Twenty Five pdr Field Gun 1939 - 1972: Part One
Twenty Five pdr Field Gun 1939 - 1972: Part Two
Twiggs, USS (DD-127)/ HMS Leamington
Twt Hill, battle of, 16 October 1461
Type 1 Chi-He Medium Tank
Type 1 Ho-Ni I Self-Propelled Gun
Type 1 Ho-Ni II Self-Propelled Gun
Type 2 Ho-I Gun Tank
Type 2 Ke-To Light Tank (Japan)
Type 3 Chi-Nu Medium Tank
Type 3 Ho-Ni III Gun Tank
Type 3 Ke-Ri Light Tank (Japan)
Type 4 Chi-To Medium Tank
Type 4 Ke-Nu Light Tank (Japan)
Type 5 Chi-Ri Medium Tank
Type 12M ('Leander' class) Frigate
Type 21 (Amazon Class) Frigate (UK)
Type 22 (Broadsword Class) Frigate (UK)
Type 23 (Duke Class) Frigate (UK)
Type 42 Destroyer (UK)
Type 45 Destroyer (UK)
Type 61 Main Battle Tank (Japan)
Type 74 Main Battle Tank (Japan)
Type 81 (Tribal Class) Frigate (UK)
Type 82 Destroyer
Type 89 Chi-Ro Medium Tank (Japan)
Type 90 Main Battle Tank (Japan)
Type 91 Heavy Tank (Japan)
Type 92 Jyu-Sokosha/ Kei Sensha Cavalry Tank (Japan)
Type 94 TK tankette (Japan)
Type 95 Ha-Go Light Tank (Japan)
Type 95 Heavy Tank (Japan)
Type 97 Chi-Ha Tank (Japan)
Type 97 Te-Ke Tankette
Type 98 Chini Light Tank
Type 253 general purpose biplane, Vickers