Curtiss O-26

The Curtiss O-26 was the designation given to a single O-1E Falcon when it was used to test a Prestone-cooled geared Curtiss V-1570-11 Conqueror engine. Some records refer to this aircraft as the XO-26 and others as the Y1O-26 (indicating the type of funding used to pay for it). The Prestone radiator was smaller than the normal water radiator on the O-1 or O-11, allowing Curtiss to move the coolant and oil radiators in an attempt to improve the streamlining of the aircraft. The aircraft remained in army service at least as late as August 1934, when as the O-26 it had completed 511 flying hours.

Engine: Curtiss V-1570-11 Conqueror
Gross weight: 4,574lb
Max speed: 161.2mph
Service ceiling: 20,500ft

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