Consolidated N4Y

The Consolidated N4Y was the designation given to four Consolidated Model 21s used by the US Coast Guard and Navy.

The Model 21 was an improved version of the earlier PT-1/ PT-3/ NY family of trainers. It retained the overall layout, and was thus a biplane with un-swept staggered wings. The upper wing was level, the lower wing had a slight dihedral. They carried a crew of three.

The Coast Guard aircraft was built to the Y1PT-11B standard, but with a 165hp Wright J-6-A (a 5 cylinder air-cooled radial engine) in place of the normal 210hp Kinner YR-720-1 engine. It's serial number (32-395) suggests that it was built after the twenty one PT-11Ds. This aircraft was originally given the coast guard serial CG-10, then became 310 and finally V110. It was later given a 220hp Lycoming R-680 and re-designated as the N4Y-1 to match the Navy's designations.

In 1934 the Navy ordered three Model 21s, powered by a 220hp Lycoming R-680-3 nine-cylinder radial engine. These were given the designation XN4Y-1. No further orders followed.

Engine: Lycoming R-680
Power: 220hp
Crew: 2
Span: 31ft 6in
Length: 26ft 11in
Gross Weight: 2,544lb
Maximum Speed: 118mph

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