Battle of the Clouds, 16 September 1777

Battle during American war of Independence. After his defeat at Brandywine, Washington was determined to force another battle in his efforts to defend Philadelphia. His chosen location was Warren Tavern, between Lancaster and Philadelphia. Some fighting did develop, but before a general engagement could start the weather intervened in the form of heavy rain. The water got into the gunpowder of both armies, but especially the American infantry and Washington was forced to withdraw. The British were also affected by the weather, preventing Howe from attempting a pursuit.

Washington was forced to withdraw further to re-supply, leaving Wayne to harass the British advance towards Philadelphia, but his force was surprised at the Paoli Massacre, and the British were free to move into the city

How to cite this article: Rickard, J (28 May 2003), Battle of the Clouds, 16 September 1777,

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