Cruiser Tank, Grizzly Mk I

The Cruiser Tank, Grizzly Mk I, was the designation given to the Medium Tank M4A1/ Sherman II, when produced in Canada.

In 1941 Canada developed the Ram, a tank based on the Medium Tank M3, but with a new hull and carrying its main gun in a turret. A handful of Ram Mk Is were completed, armed with a 2-pounder gun, followed by a larger production run of the Ram Mk II, which carried the 6-pounder gun. In all 1,899 Rams were built at the Montreal Locomotive Works between 1942 and the summer of 1943, and were used to train Canadian armoured units.

In September 1942 work began on adapting the M4 Sherman for production in Canada, to replace the Ram Mk II. The cast-hulled M4A1 was chosen as the model to be produced, as the Grizzly Mk I. The Grizzly would be identical to the M4A1 other than the use of a British Number 19 radio, British stowage arrangements (including a storage box on the back of the turret bustle) and the use of a 2in smoke mortar in the turret.

Production of the Grizzly began in August 1943. Between then and December 1943 a total of 188 were completed, but production then ended because more than enough Shermans were available for Canadian use.

Most of the Grizzlies were used with training units in Canada, although some did make it to Britain.

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