Churchill with 'Carrot' Explosive Device

The 'Carrot' Explosive Device was a light framework that could be attached to the front of a Churchill tank and that was designed to allow small explosive charges to be dropped into place. It was designed after the failure of the Dieppe raid as one of a series of weapons produced to clear minefields under fire. The idea was to drop a 25lb charge into a minefield, retreat and then detonate the charge in the hope that sympathetic detonation would explode nearby mines.

The 'Carrot' with light charge was not a great success, and so a heavier version was developed. This time a much larger charge, up to 600lb, was carried on an anti-tank roller. The entire assembly was left in a suspected minefield and once again the charge was detonated in the hope of causing sympathetic detonations. This was more costly than the original design, and not much more effective. Neither type entered production.

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