Curtiss P-2 Hawk

The Curtiss P-2 Hawk was the designation given to five P-1s that were completed with the Curtiss V-1400 engine. These were the last five aircraft from the original P-1 order.

The V-1400 wasn't a great success and it was soon decided to re-engine the P-2s. The second, third and fifth aircraft were given D-12 engines and became standard P-1As. The fourth aircraft (25-423) was given the V-1570 Conqueror engine and became the XP-6. The first P-2 retained the V-1400 engine and was used to test a side-mounted turbo-supercharger (becoming the XP-2 while being used for test work). With this installed its ceiling rose from 22,980ft to 32,790ft!

The P-2 was briefly operated by the 94th Pursuit Squadron. The P-2 did manage one achievement. The last Pulitzer Air Race was held in 1925 and in 1926 it was replaced by a race for service pursuit aircraft. The Navy won, but 2nd Lt Lawrence C. Elliott came second for the army flying a P-2 and reaching an average speed of 178.6mph.

Engine: Curtiss V-1400 (D-12)
Power: 510hp
Crew: 1
Span: 31ft 7in
Length: 22ft 0in
Height: 8ft 7in
Empty weight: 2,081lb
Loaded weight: 2,869lb
Max speed: 172mph at sea level, 151mph at 15,000ft
Climb Rate: 2,170 ft/min
Absolute ceiling: 22,980ft
Service ceiling:
Armament: Two .30in machine guns
Bomb load:

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