Curtiss Hawk IV

The Curtiss Hawk IV was a single example of a much improved version of the Hawk biplane, but only one was ever built.

The Hawk IV was built as a Curtiss demonstrator. It was similar the Hawk III, but had a full sliding cockpit canopy, improved streamlining of the fuselage, an exhaust collector ring and carburettor heating. Its Wright R-1820 engine produced 745hp at 12,500ft, 3,000ft higher than the engine in the Hawk III.

The Hawk IV was sold to Argentina in July 1936. The Argentines also bought ten Hawk IIIs in May-June 1936.

Engine: Wright R-1820
Power: 745hp
Crew: 1
Span: 31ft 6in
Length: 23ft 6in
Height: 9ft 11.5in
Empty weight: 3,420lb
Gross weight: 4,614lb 
Max speed: 248.5mph
Service ceiling: 30,300ft
Range: 577 miles
Armament: Two 0.3in machine guns

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