Consolidated O-17 Courier

The Consolidated O-17 Courier was an advanced gunnery, photographic and radio trainer based on the Consolidated PT-3 trainer.

The prototype XO-17 was produced by converting a PT-3 and made its maiden flight in April 1927.

The O-17 was powered by a 225hp Wright R-790-1 engine. Compared to the PT-3 it had better fuselage streamlining, introduced oleo shock absorbers, wheel brakes and balanced elevators and could carry more fuel. It also had a fairing on the rear cockpit to allow the use of a 0.30in gun on a Scarff ring. The resulting aircraft was heavier than the PT-3 (gross weight of 2,723lb compared to 2,447lb), but its top speed rose from 105mph to 118mph, its cruising speed from 85mph to 110mph and its climb rate from 765ft/ min to 865ft/ min. Only its service ceiling fell.

In total Consolidated produced 591 of the Model 2 NY-1/ NY-2/ PT-3 'Husky'/ O-17 family. This included one XO-17 prototype and twenty nine production O-17s. Of these most went to the National Guard. Three were sold to the Royal Canadian Air Force, two as Model 7 landplanes and one as a Model 8 single-float seaplane. These are thus not included in the total for the Model 2.

One prototype was produced of the Model 15 Courier, which used a Pratt & Whitney Wasp engine.

One example was produced of the XO-17A (NC1558), which was a converted PT-3 (serial number 28-317. P-513), given a R-790-3 (J-5C) engine and intended as a demonstration model for exports. This was later given a Packard diesel engine and became one of two XPT-8s.

The company produced two O-17 Courier landplanes and one seaplane for the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Engine: Wright R-790-1
Power: 225hp
Crew: 2
Span: 34ft 5.5in
Length: 27ft 11in
Height: 9ft 9in
Empty Weight: 1,881lb
Gross Weight: 2,723lb
Maximum Speed: 118mph
Cruising Speed: 110mph
Climb rate: 865ft/ min
Ceiling: 12,000ft
Range: 350-550 miles

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