Consolidated XN3Y

The Consolidated XN3Y was a single example of the NY training aircraft powered by a 200-220hp Wright R-790-A engine. This was the military designation of the Wright J-5 Whirlwind used in the NY-2, and a significantly redesigned version of the Wright J-4 Whirlwind used in the Consolidated NY. The R-790 was a nine-cylinder air cooled radial engine. The J-1 to J-4 had been versions of the original design, but the J-5 introduced a series of improvement. It was then replaced by the J-6 family, with larger cylinders and turbochargers. The J-6 was used in the experimental XNY-2, which was powered by a nine-cylinder version

The XN3Y was tested in 1929, and had the serial number A7273, putting it between the second and third blocks of the original NY-1. The purpose of this aircraft isn't clear - if it had been a prototype for the NY-2 then it would have been the XNY-2, and the R-790-A was simply the military designation for the Wright J-5 used in the NY-2. It is possible that the original plan was to change the designation to N3Y when the new engine was introduced, but if so this never happened.

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