Cruiser Tank A23

The Cruiser Tank A23 was an unsuccessful design for a heavy cruiser tank produced by Vauxhall in 1940-41. After the campaigns in France and North Africa in 1940 the Ministry of Supply issued a specification for an improved cruiser tank which was to carry the 6pdr gun, have 65-76mm armour at its thickest and be more mechanically reliable than the Covenanter or Crusader.

Vauxhall responded with the A23, a scaled down version of their A22 Churchill infantry tank. This would have had 75mm of frontal armour, used a 12 cylinder Bedford engine, carry a crew of five and  have the same suspension as the A22.

This design was one of a number examined in January 1941, but this was rejected in favour of the A24 Cavalier, the direct ancestor of the A27M Cromwell.

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