Curtiss XO-16

The Curtiss XO-16 was the designation given to an experimental version of the O-1 Falcon with a modified fuselage. The XO-16 was produced by fitting a O-11 Falcon with a V-1570-9 Conqueror engine (Curtiss records state this was water cooled, Army records say Prestone-cooled). The fuselage was re-contoured and the cockpits were re-arranged. The modified aircraft was lighter than the Conqueror powered O-13, and was faster than the O-13C (the standard observation version of the O-13).

Engine:  Curtiss V-1570-9 Conqueror
Crew: 2
Gross weight: 4,305lb
Max speed: 161.5mph
Service ceiling: 23,300ft

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