Consolidated PT-2 'Husky'

The Consolidated PT-2 was a single example of a PT-1 that was powered by the same Wright J-5 engine that was used in the Navy's Consolidated NY family.

By 1927 the supply of the Wright E engine used in the PT-1 was running short. The Navy used a Wright J-5 radial in the otherwise very similar Consolidated NY, and the Army decided to test out the same engine. One PT-1 (27-149/ P-469) was given a Wright H5 engine, as either the XPT-2 or YPT-2 (sources vary on this). The PT-2 was otherwise the same as the PT-1, with staggered un-tapered straight edged wooden wings, and a steel tube fuselage.

Unsurprisingly the new aircraft was a success. It was followed by the single XPT-3, with the same engine but new wing panels and a revised vertical fin. This was then ordered into production as the PT-3 'Husky'.

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