The Memoirs of General Ulysses S. Grant


As much as possible the chapter divisions used here match the headings given by Grant for each chapter.

The Document

Chapter 1 Ancestry - Birth - Boyhood
Chapter 2 West Point - Graduation
Chapter 3 Army Life - Causes of the Mexican War - Camp Salubrity
Chapter 4 Corpus Christi - Mexican Smuggling - Spanish Rule in Mexico - Supplying Tranportation
Chapter 5 Trip to Austion - Promotion to Full Second Lieutenant - Army of Occupation
Chapter 6 Advance of the Army - Crossing the Colorado - The Rio Grande
Chapter 7 The Mexican War - The Battle of Palo Alto - The Battle of Resaca de la Palma - Army of Invasion - General Taylor - Movement on Camargo
Chapter 8 Advance on Monterey - The Black Fort - The Battle of Monterey - Surrender of the City
Chapter 9

Political Intrique - Buena Vista - Movement against Vera Cruz - Siege and Capture of Vera Cruz

Chapter 10 March to Japapa - Battle of Cerro Gordo - Perote - Puebla - Scott and Taylor
Chapter 11 Advance on the City of Mexico - Battle of Contreras - Assault at Churubusco - Negotiations for Peace - Battle of Molino del Rey - Storming of Chapultepec - San Cosme - Evacuation of the City - Halls of the Montezumas
Chapter 12 Promotion to First Lieutenant - Capture of the City of Mexico - The Army - Mexican Soldiers - Peace Negotiations
Chapter 13 Treaty of Peace - Mexican Bull Fights - Regimental Quartermaster - Trip to Popocatapetl - Trip to the Caves of Mexico
Chapter 14 Return of the Army - Marriage - Ordered to the Pacific Coast - Crossing the Isthmus - Arrival at San Francisco
Chapter 15 San Francisco - Early California Experiences - Life on the Pacific Coast - Promoted Captain - Flush Times in California
Chapter 16

Resignation - Private Life - Life at Galena - The Coming Crisis

Chapter 17

Outbreak of the Rebellion - Presiding at a Union Meetings - Mustering Officer of State Troops - Lyon at Camp Jackson - Services Tendered to the Government

Chapter 18 Appointed Colonel Of The 21st Illinois - Personnel Of The Regiment - General Logan - March To Missouri - Movement Against Harris At Florida, Mo. - General Pope In Command; Stationed At Mexico, Mo.
Chapter 19 Commissioned Brigadier-GeneralCommand At Ironton, Mo.Jefferson CityCape GirardeauGeneral PrentissSeizure Of PaducahHeadquarters At Cairo.
Chapter 20

General Fremont In CommandMovement Against BelmontBattle Of BelmontA Narrow EscapeAfter The Battle

Chapter 21 General Halleck In CommandCommanding The District Of CairoMovement On Fort HenryCapture Of Fort Henry
Chapter 22 Investment Of Fort DonelsonThe Naval OperationsAttack Of The EnemyAssaulting The WorksSurrender Of The Fort
Chapter 23 Promoted Major-General Of VolunteersUnoccupied TerritoryAdvance Upon NashvilleSituation Of The TroopsConfederate RetreatRelieved Of The CommandRestored To The CommandGeneral Smith
Chapter 24 The Army At Pittsburg LandingInjured By A FallThe Confederate Attack At ShilohThe First Day's Fight At ShilohGeneral ShermanCondition Of The ArmyClose Of The First Day's FightThe Second Day's FightRetreat And Defeat Of The Confederates
Chapter 25 Struck By A BulletPrecipitate Retreat Of The ConfederatesIntrenchments At ShilohGeneral BuellGeneral JohnstonRemarks On Shiloh
Chapter 26 Halleck Assumes Command In The FieldThe Advance Upon CorinthOccupation Of CorinthThe Army Separated
Chapter 27 Headquarters Moved To MemphisOn The Road To MemphisEscaping JacksonComplaints And RequestsHalleck Appointed Commander-In-ChiefReturn To CorinthMovements Of BraggSurrender Of ClarksvilleThe Advance Upon ChattanoogaSheridan Colonel Of A Michigan Regiment
Chapter 28 Advance Of Van Dorn And PricePrice Enters IukaBattle Of Iuka
Chapter 29 Van Dorn's MovementsBattle Of CorinthCommand Of The Department Of The Tennessee
Chapter 30 The Campaign Against VicksburgEmploying The FreedmenOccupation Of Holly SpringsSherman Ordered To MemphisSherman's Movements Down The MississippiVan Dorn Captures Holly SpringsCollecting Forage And Food
Chapter 31 Headquarters Moved To Holly SpringsGeneral M'clernand In CommandAssuming Command At Young's PointOperations Above VicksburgFortifications About VicksburgThe CanalLake ProvidenceOperations At Yazoo Pass
Chapter 32 The Bayous West Of The MississippiCriticisms Of The Northern PressRunning The BatteriesLoss Of The IndianolaDisposition Of The Troops
Chapter 33 Attack On Grand GulfOperations Below Vicksburg
Chapter 34 Capture Of Port GibsonGrierson's RaidOccupation Of Grand GulfMovement Up The Big BlackBattle Of Raymond
Chapter 35 Movement Against JacksonFall Of JacksonIntercepting The EnemyBattle Of Champion's Hill
Chapter 36 Battle Of Black River BridgeCrossing The Big BlackInvestment Of VicksburgAssaulting The Works
Chapter 37 Siege Of Vicksburg
Chapter 38 Johnston's Movements—Fortifications At Haines' BluffExplosion Of The MineExplosion Of The Second MinePreparing For The AssaultThe Flag Of TruceMeeting With PembertonNegotiations For SurrenderAccepting The TermsSurrender Of Vicksburg
Chapter 39 Retrospect Of The CampaignSherman's MovementsProposed Movement Upon MobileA Painful AccidentOrdered To Report At Cairo
Chapter 40 First Meeting With Secretary StantonGeneral RosecransCommanding Military Division Of MississippiAndrew Johnson's AddressArrival At Chattanooga
Chapter 41 Assuming The Command At ChattanoogaOpening A Line Of SuppliesBattle Of WauhatchieOn The Picket Line
Chapter 42 Condition Of The ArmyRebuilding The RailroadGeneral Burnside's SituationOrders For BattlePlans For The AttackHooker's PositionSherman's Movements
Chapter 43 Preparations For BattleThomas Carries The First Line Of The EnemySherman Carries Missionary RidgeBattle Of Lookout Mountain—General Hooker's Fight
Chapter 44 Battle Of ChattanoogaA Gallant ChargeComplete Rout Of The EnemyPursuit Of The ConfederatesGeneral BraggRemarks On Chattanooga
Chapter 45 The Relief Of KnoxvilleHeadquarters Moved To NashvilleVisiting KnoxvilleCipher DispatchesWithholding Orders
Chapter 46 Operations In MississippiLongstreet In East TennesseeCommissioned Lieutenant-GeneralCommanding The Armies Of The United StatesFirst Interview With President Lincoln
Chapter 47 The Military SituationPlans For The CampaignSheridan Assigned To Command Of The CavalryFlank MovementsForrest At Fort PillowGeneral Banks's ExpeditionColonel MosbyAn Incident Of The Wilderness Campaign
Chapter 48 Commencement Of The Grand CampaignGeneral Butler's PositionSheridan's First Raid
Chapter 49 Sherman's Campaign In GeorgiaSiege Of AtlantaDeath Of General McphersonAttempt To Capture AndersonvilleCapture Of Atlanta
Chapter 50 Grand Movement Of The Army Of The PotomacCrossing The RapidanEntering The WildernessBattle Of The Wilderness
Chapter 51 After The BattleTelegraph And Signal ServiceMovement By The Left Flank
Chapter 52 Battle Of SpottsylvaniaHancock's PositionAssault Of Warren's And Wright's CorpsUpton Promoted On The FieldGood News From Butler And Sheridan
Chapter 53 Hancock's AssaultLosses Of The ConfederatesPromotions RecommendedDiscomfiture Of The EnemyEwell's AttackReducing The Artillery
Chapter 54 Movement By The Left FlankBattle Of North AnnaAn Incident Of The MarchMoving On RichmondSouth Of The PamunkeyPosition Of The National Army
Chapter 55 Advance On Cold HarborAn Anecdote Of The WarBattle Of Cold HarborCorrespondence With LeeRetrospective
Chapter 56 Left Flank Movement Across The Chickahominy And JamesGeneral LeeVisit To ButlerThe Movement On PetersburgThe Investment Of Petersburg
Chapter 57 Raid On The Virginia Central RailroadRaid On The Weldon RailroadEarly's Movement Upon WashingtonMining The Works Before PetersburgExplosion Of The Mine Before PetersburgCampaign In The Shenandoah ValleyCapture Of The Weldon Railroad
Chapter 58 Sheridan's AdvanceVisit To SheridanSheridan's Victory In The ShenandoahSheridan's Ride To WinchesterClose Of The Campaign For The Winter
Chapter 59 The Campaign In GeorgiaSherman's March To The SeaWar AnecdotesThe March On SavannahInvestment Of SavannahCapture Of Savannah
Chapter 60 The Battle Of FranklinThe Battle Of Nashville
Chapter 61 Expedition Against Fort FisherAttack On The FortFailure Of The ExpeditionSecond Expedition Against The FortCapture Of Fort Fisher
Chapter 62

Sherman's March NorthSheridan Ordered To LynchburgCanby Ordered To Move Against MobileMovements Of Schofield And ThomasCapture Of Columbia, South CarolinaSherman In The Carolinas

Chapter 63

Arrival Of The Peace CommissionersLincoln And The Peace CommissionersAn Anecdote Of LincolnThe Winter Before PetersburgSheridan Destroys The RailroadGordon Carries The Picket LineParke Recaptures The LineThe Line Of Battle Of White Oak Road

Chapter 64

Interview With SheridanGrand Movement Of The Army Of The Potomac—Sheridan's Advance On Five Forks—Battle Of Five ForksParke And Wright Storm The Enemy's LineBattles Before Petersburg

Chapter 65

The Capture Of PetersburgMeeting President Lincoln In PetersburgThe Capture Of RichmondPursuing The EnemyVisit To Sheridan And Meade

Chapter 66

Battle Of Sailor's CreekEngagement At FarmvilleCorrespondence With General LeeSheridan Intercepts The Enemy

Chapter 67

Negotiations At AppomattoxInterview With Lee At Mclean's HouseThe Terms Of SurrenderLee's SurrenderInterview With Lee After The Surrender

Chapter 68

Morale Of The Two ArmiesRelative Conditions Of The North And SouthPresident Lincoln Visits RichmondArrival At WashingtonPresident Lincoln's AssassinationPresident Johnson's Policy

Chapter 69

Sherman And JohnstonJohnston's Surrender To ShermanCapture Of MobileWilson's ExpeditionCapture Of Jefferson DavisGeneral Thomas's QualitiesEstimate Of General Canby

Chapter 70

The End Of The WarThe March To WashingtonOne Of Lincoln's AnecdotesGrand Review At WashingtonCharacteristics Of Lincoln And StantonEstimate Of The Different Corps Commanders

  Grant's Official Report on his time in command of the United States Army
  Organisation of the Union and Confederate Armies.

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