The Keith Papers

Part I: Channel and North Sea, 1803-1807; 1. Operations

The Document

1. Keith to St. Vincent, March 11 1803
2. St. Vincent to Keith, March 11, 1803
3. Keith to St. Vincent, March 11, 1803
4. Admiralty to all Commanders-in-Chief, 15 May, 1803
5. Admiralty to Keith, May 17, 1803
6. Keith to Admiralty, May 19, 1803
7. List of Ships under the Command of Lord Keith, May 27, 1803.
8. Keith to Secretary of Admiralty, June 4 1803
9. Keith to Secretary of Admiralty, June 7 1803
10. General view of Lord Keith’s system of defence of the entrances to the rivers Thames and Medway
11. Keith to Secretary of Admiralty
12. Admiralty to Keith
13. Secretary of Admiralty to Keith
14. Keith to Montagu
15. Keith to St. Vincent
16. Keith to Smith
17. Montagu to Keith
18. Keith to Secretary of Admiralty
19. Keith to Secretary of Admiralty
20. Smith to Keith: Examination of potential invasion routes
21. Hotham to Keith
22. Intelligence respecting Boulogne
23. Keith to Carpenter
24. Secretary of Admiralty to Keith: Regarding Jerome Bonaparte
25. Troubridge to Keith: Complaining about Sir Sidney Smith
26. Young to Keith: Various topics, including state of Naval dockyards
27. Keith to Secretary of Admiralty: Report on the state of coastal defences
28. General Dundas to Keith: Requested a method of quickly communicating with Keith
29. Secretary of Admiralty to Keith: Regarding blockade of Havre de Grace
30. Owen to Keith: Attack on French ships at Fécamp
31. Pitt to Keith: Regarding ships at Margate, Dover and Folkestone
32. Intelligence Reports from Holland
33. General Dundas to Keith: Report of an escape from France
34. Owen to Keith: Report on the condition of the enemy coast
35. Secretary of Admiralty to Keith: Admiralty plan for the defence of the coast
36. Markham to Keith: Comparison to Spanish Armada
37. General Craig to Keith: Regarding the River Blackwater
38. Keith to Duke of York: Detailed report on the invasion threat and countermeasures.
39. Markham to Keith: Enquiries about attacks on enemy coast
40. Keith to all Flag Officers: Order not to enter into range of enemy coastal gun batteries without good reason

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