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Welcome to our new Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars homepage. We are going to use this page to bring together all of our resources about the first 'great war'. If you want to find out what articles we have on this period, go to the Napoleonic special subject index, where we listevery relevant article. If you want to find out more, then have a look at our recommended books, in association with Amazon in the UK, US and Canada. We are also starting to develop a list of Napoleonic Websites, which we expect to expand.

Appropriately, we start our Napoleonic month with a biography of Napoleon himself, one of the few people to give his name to an historical period. He is still a controversial figure - opinion is divided between those who see him as a military dictator, who tried to impose his rule across all of Europe and those who see him as a great liberator and law giver, who overthrew corrupt regimes across the continent.

At the start of our themed month, we had 46 articles about the Napoleonic Wars, containing 28,000 words. At the end, we moved on to 74 articles

We now have 741 articles and 763,000 words on the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

20 February 2018

The combat of Garcia Hernandez (23 July 1812) was a rearguard action that came in the aftermath of the battle of Salamanca, and saw one of the most impressive achievements of Wellington's cavalry.

The combat of Majalahonda (11 August 1812) was the only significant fighting during Wellington's advance on Madrid in the aftermath of the battle of Salamanca, and saw his leading cavalry force come under attack by a French force that had been sent out to discover if Wellington was indeed on his way.

9 February 2018

The first battle of Castalla (21 July 1812) was a French victory over the Spanish Army of Murcia, largely caused by the over-complex Spanish plan.

The siege of Santander (22 July-3 August 1812) was a key Anglo-Spanish success on the north coast of Spain, and gave Wellington access to a key supply base during the campaign of 1813.

31 January 2018

The battle of Salamanca (22 July 1812) was one of the most important of Wellington's victories during the Peninsular War, and forced the French to abandon Madrid and temporarily withdraw towards the French border.

22 January 2018

The combat of Castrejon (18 July 1812) was a rearguard action that came after Marmont outmanoeuvred Wellington on the River Douro, early in the campaign that ended at Salamanca.

The combat of Castrillo (18 July 1812) was the second of two combats on the same day, and came after Marmont outmanoeuvred Wellington on the Douro and briefly threatened to cut off his rearguard.

11 January 2018

The combat of Castro Urdiales (6-8 July 1812) was the second of a series of joint Anglo-Spanish successes that weakened the French hold on the coast of northern Spain.

The combat of Portugalete (11 July 1812) was an unsuccessful Anglo-Spanish attack on a fortified village at the mouth of the Bilbao River.

2 Janaury 2018

The siege of Astorga (2 July-18 August 1812) saw the Spanish attack the isolated French garrison of Astorga, in an attempt to support Wellington's advance to Salamanca.

The combat of Lequeitio (21-21 June 1812) was the first of a series of successes for a joint British and Spanish force operating in northern Spain.

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