The Keith Papers

Part I: Channel and North Sea, 1803-1807; 1. Operations; 30. Owen to Keith

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30. Owen to Keith

H.M.S. Immortalité , off Fécamp.
September 20, 1803.

My Lord, There being several vessels in the harbour of Fécamp, as well as six or seven building, I this morning caused the Perseus and Explosion to bombard it, while I attacked the pier head and batteries. The firing commenced about half past nine and continued till eleven when the Explosion having expended all her shells I made the signal to discontinue the action. The enemy’s fire was returned briskly and with tolerably good direction. I am happy notwithstanding to report to your Lordship that the effect was mostly confined to the rigging, to which the damage is inconsiderable. One man is slightly hurt by the accidental explosion of a powder horn. The greater part of the shells burst in an excellent direction and as all the inhabitants fled to the country I have reason to believe the enemy must have suffered much.
Of Captains Melhuish and Paul, as well as every officer and man concerned, your Lordship already knows my high opinion, to which if it needed, this occasion would still add fuller confirmation. I have &c.

E. W. C. R. OWEN.

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