The Keith Papers

Part I: Channel and North Sea, 1803-1807; 1. Operations; 37. General Craig to Keith

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37. General Craig to Keith

Endorsed October 21. 1803.

My dear Lord, Aware of the extent of the demands that must be daily made upon you for naval defence, I am exceedingly loath that they should be increased from in this quarter, but one consideration presses much upon me that I cannot refrain from entreating your attention to it. We have at present a gunbrig and one gunboat in the mouth of the Blackwater. This is a point that I am exceedingly anxious to have secured, because if the enemy lands at Clacton beach, and while we are opposing him there, if he was to send a force of any magnitude up the river in question, to land upon either of its shores, I will not conceal from you that he would embarrass us considerably. The mouth of the river is near two miles over, in which extent there would be room for operations of such a number of gunboats as I fear would be more than a match for the four now there, while the tide of flood with which they must go up the river would render it impossible for the gunbrig, which is in the Colne, to be of any assistance. Another brig or vessel of that description in the Blackwater would set my mind much more at ease. If you have a leisure moment to let me know what you are doing and what you conceive the enemy is likely to do, you will very much oblige yours &c.


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