Curtiss P-36/ Hawk 75/ Mohawk

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The Curtiss P-36 was the main US Army Air Corps fighter of 1939, but achieved its most famous victories as the Hawk 75 with the French Armee de l'Air during 1940.


Curtiss P-36/ Hawk 75: Development, Overview and US Service
Curtiss Hawk 75A-C1 (France)

Curtiss Models

Curtiss Model H75A
Curtiss Model 75H
Curtiss Model 75J
Curtiss Model 75K
Curtiss Model 75M
Curtiss Model H75N
Curtiss Model H75O
Curtiss Model 75Q
Curtiss Model H75R

US Army Air Corps Designations

Curtiss P-36A
Curtiss P-36B
Curtiss P-36C
Curtiss XP-36D
Curtiss XP-36E
Curtiss XP-36F
Curtiss P-36G
Curtiss XP-42

RAF Mohawk

Curtiss Mohawk I
Curtiss Mohawk II
Curtiss Mohawk III
Curtiss Mohawk IV