Curtiss Mohawk I

The Curtiss Mohawk I was the designation given to a small number of Hawk H75A-1s that escaped to Britain after the German victory in France. These aircraft were

Curtiss Hawk 75A-1 No.35
Curtiss Hawk 75A-1 No.35

powered by a 1,050hp Pratt & Whitney R-1830-SC3G engine, and were armed with four 7.5mm machine guns, two in the nose and two in the wings. Their throttle operated in the opposite direction to the British standard, with forward reducing power. The Mohawk I and Mohawk II were allocated serial numbers in the blocks AX880-98 (19 numbers), BJ 876-8 (3), RK 876-9 (4) and BL 220-3 (4), for a total of 30.

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