Curtiss P-36G

The Curtiss P-36G was the designation given to thirty Hawk H75A-8s ordered by Norway just before the German invasion of 1940. These aircraft were powered by 1,200hp R-1820-G205A Cyclone engines, and armed with two 12.7mm nose guns and two 7.9mm wing guns. None could be delivered before the German invasion. Six were given to the Free Norwegian Forces in Canada in February 1941, but the remaining thirty were taken over by the US Army as the P-36G.

These aircraft were of little use to the US Army Air Corps, partly because the P-36 was already seen as virtually obsolete, and partly because they used Wright Cyclone engines instead of the Pratt & Whitney engines of the P-36A and P-36C. In 1943 twenty-eight of the P-36Gs were given to Peru under lend-lease, and one of these aircraft survived at least until 1977 when it was in the Peruvian Air Force Museum.

Engine: Wright R-1820-G205A Cyclone
Power: 1,200hp
Crew: 1
Wing span: 37ft 0in
Length: 28ft 6in
Height: 9ft 3in
Empty Weight: 4,675lb
Gross Weight: 5,880lb
Max Speed:  322mph at 15,200ft
Cruising Speed: 261mph
Service Ceiling: 32,350ft
Range: 650 miles
Armament: Four 0.30in and two 0.50in machine guns

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