8 May 1945


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Official surrender ceremony held in Berlin

German ceasefire comes into effect at 23.01 hours

Churchill and Truman proclaim the day to be Victory in Europe Day (V-E Day)

Allied troops free King Leopold of the Belgians

Occupied Europe

German troops in Prague surrender

German troops in the Dodecanese surrender

Crown Prince Olaf accepts the German surrender in Norway

War at Sea

German submarine U-249 surrendered at Portland

German submarine U-255 surrendered

German submarine U-320 scuttled off Bergen

German submarine U-995 decommissioned at Narvik

German submarines U-1103, U-1198 surrendered at Cuxhaven

German submarine U-37 scuttled in Sonderborg Bay

German submarines U-806 surrendered at Aarhus

German submarine U-2512 scuttled at Eckernforde

German submarine U-2534 scuttled in Neustadt Bay

German submarine U-2539 scuttled off Aero bei Marstal

German submarine U-3503 scutttled off Goteborg

German submarine U-2324 surrendered at Stavanger

German submarine U-2365 scuttled in the Kattegat. Later raised and entered the Bundesmarine as Hai

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