3 May 1945


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Western and Soviet troops meet on the Elbe - British troops meet the 2nd Belorussian Front, American troops meet the 1st Belorussian Front.

German troops in Bavaria and western Austria surrender to the Americans.

Montgomery meets with German envoys on Luneburg Heath

Hamburg surrenders to the British

US 7th Army captures Innsbruck and reaches the Brenner Pass

New Zealanders reach Trieste


Indian troops enter Rangoon

War at Sea

German submarines U-11, U-57, U-58, U-59, U-446, U-475, U-560, U-903, U-922, U-924, U-958, U-1192, U-1205, U-2508, U-2519, U-2520, U-2539, U-2543, U-2545, U-2546, U-2548, U-2552, U-3010, U-3022, U-3028, U-3029, U-3031, U-3038, U-3039, U-3040, U-3505, U-3518, U-3525, U-3530, U-2330, U-4705 scuttled at Kiel

German submarines U-48, U-52, U-102, U-276, U-3014, U-3024 scuttled at Neustadt

German submarine U-323 scuttled off Nordenham

German submarine U-382 scuttled at Wilhelmshaven

German submarine U-428 scuttled in the Kiel Canal

German submarine U-704 scuttled at Vegasack

German submarine U-747, U-1201, U-2501, U-2504, U-2505, U-3004, U-3502, U-3506, U-2327, U-2332, U-2371 scuttled at Hamburg

German submarine U-748 scuttled at Rendsburg

German submarine U-1196, U-3011, U-3013, U-3018, U-3019, U-3020, U-3021m U-3023, U-3025, U-3026, U-3027, U-3037, U-3507, U-3513 scuttled at Travemunde

German submarine U-1210 scuttled off Eckernforde

German submarine U-1275 scuttled in Kieler Forde

German submarine U-795 deliberately blown up at Germaniawerft

German submarine U-2524, U-3012, U-3032 sunk off Fehmarn

German submarine U-2355 scuttled off Laboe

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