5 May 1945


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Anti-German rising begins in Prague. Soviet troops sent to assist.

Western Front

German I and XIX Armies accept the Allied surrender terms at Haar. Ceasefire comes into immediate effect with the surrender to take place at 12.00 on 6 May

German envoys reach Eisenhower's headquarters

US 3rd Army captures Pilsen and Karlsbad

German troops in Holland surrender

Eastern Front

Soviet troops capture Swinemunde and Peenemunde


Street fighting breaks out in Copenhagen, but order is restored by the arrival of British troops who take the German surrender


Talks at San Francisco over the future of Poland are suspended pending the arrival of a Soviet explanation of the arrest of Free Polish leaders


Japanese counterattack on Okinawa fails

War at Sea

German submarines U-17, U-60, U-61, U-62, U-71, U-137, U-139, U-140, U-141, U-142, U-146, U-148, U-151, U-152, U-339, U-552, U-554, U-708, U-1223, U-3504, scuttled at Wilhelmshaven

German submarine U-46, U-290, U-1303, U-1304 scuttled in Kupfermuhlen Bay

German submarines U-267, U-349, U-370, U-397, U-721, U-746, U-794, U-1056, U-1101, U-1193, U-1204, U-1207, U-2507, U-2517, U-2522, U-2525, U-2541, U-3015, U-3044, U-3510, U-3524, U-3526, U-3529, U-2333, U-2343, U-2346, U-2347, U-2349, U-2357, U-2358, U-2360, U-2362, U-2364, U-2366, U-2368, U-2369, U-4702, U-4703, U-4707, U-4710 scuttled in Geltinger Bay

German submarines U-351, U-1234, U-2352, U-4701, U-4704 scuttled at Horup Hoff

German submarine U-579 sunk in the Little Belt

German submarines U-717, U-733, U-750, U-827, U-999, U-1025, U-1306 scuttled in Flensburger Forde

German submarine U-38, U-822, U-828, U-3001, U-3005, U-3006, U-3009, U-3501, U-3509, U-3527, U-3528 scuttled at Wesermunde

German submarine U-904 and U-1405 scuttled at Eckernforde

German submarine U-926 decommissioned at Bergen

German submarines U-524 sunk off Helsinger

German submarine U-2544 scuttled off Aarhus

German submarine U-2551 scuttled off Flensburg

German submarine U-3033, U-3034 scuttled in Wasserleben Bay

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