4 May 1945


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Western Front

At 18.20 General E. Kinzel (Field Marshal Busch's Chief of Staff) and Admiral H. G. von Friedeburg (the new head of the Kriegsmarine) sign surrender documents relating to the German forces in the Netherlands, northwest Germany, the Friesian Islands, Heligoland and Schleswig-Holstein, at Montgomery's 21st Army Group headquarters on Lüneburg Heath.

US 7th Army occupies Salzburg and Berchtesgaden and meets the 5th Army from Italy at the Brenner Pass

French troops approach St. Anton


Seventeen ships are sunk in 24 hours by kamikazes at Okinawa

War at Sea

Royal Navy bombards Sakishima airfields

German submarines U-4 and U-14 scuttled at Wilhelmshaven

German submarines U-120 and U-121 scuttled at Bremerhaven

German submarines U-29, U-30 and U-2540 scuttled at Flensburg

German submarine U-393 sunk near Flensburg

German submarine U-711 sunk at Harstad

German submarines U-1132 and U-1151 scuttled in Kupfermuhlen Bay

German submarine U-1166 scuttled at Kiel

German submarine U-1168 scuttled in Geltinger Bay

German submarine U-876 scuttled at Eckernforde

German submarine U-792 and U-793 scuttled off Rendsburg but later raised and used for experimental work in Britain.

German submarine U-2503 scuttled in the Little Belt

German submarine U-2521 sunk off Flensburg

German submarine U-4709, U-4711, U-4712 scuttled at Germaniawerft, Kiel

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