Nicolas Charles Oudinot, Duc De Reggio 1767-1847.

An average Marshal but a brave and fearless leader of men, Marshal Oudinot saw action throughout the Napoleonic wars and eventually saw service in the restored Government following Napoleon's defeat. He first rose to fame in 1805 where he replaced Junot as commander of the reserve Grenadiers at Arras in February, but was wounded at Hollabrunn in March and forced to resign his command. After commanding the 2nd Foot dragoons and taking part in the siege of Danzig he became a Count of the Empire in 1808. He gained his Marshal rank after the battle of Wagram in 1809 and became Duke of Reggio in April 1810. In the 1812 campaign he commanded II Corps being wounded three times, first at Polotsk and then again at Berezina and finally two days later on 30th November. In 1813 he fought with XII Corps at Bautzen, Leipzig and Grossberen. In 1814 he fought at Brienne and was wounded, and went on to command VIII Corps at Arcissur-Aube and was wounded again. When the Bourbons were restored he switch allegiance and was appointed a commander but took no part in the Hundred Days Campaign. After the Napoleonic wars his career continued where he commanded I Corps in the invasion of Spain in 1823 and finally went on to become governor of Les Invalides. His many wounds were a testimony to a brave leader and although he was an average strategist his career was long and distinguished, he finally died at the age of eighty.

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