15 August 1943


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War in the Air

Eighth Air Force Heavy Bomber Mission No. 82: 327 aircraft sent to attack Luftwaffe airfields at Vlissingen (Flushing), Poix, Amiens, Vitry, Merville and Lille/ Vendeville. Two aircraft lost.


Marshal Badoglio, the new Italian leader, sends a peace emissary to Madrid


American and Canadian troops land at Kiska (Aleutian Islands), to find the Japanese have gone

Japanese bombers raid Tsili Tsili (New Guinea) for the first time

The main force of US troops land on Vella Lavella, at the western end of the New Georgia Islands, bypassing the key Japanese base at Kolombangara.

Eastern Front

General of Infantry Dr Lothar Rendulic takes command of Second Panzer Army


Hitler's Panzer Armies on the Eastern Front, Robert Kirchubel. A 'unit history' written on the largest scale, tracing the campaigns fought by the four Panzer Armies on the Eastern Front, from their roles in the early German victories, to their eventual defeat and destruction in the ruins of the Reich. A very useful contribution to the literature on the Eastern Front. [read full review]
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