Freidrich Tauenzein, Graf von Wittenburg (1760-1824)

Freidrich Tauenzein, Graf von Wittenburg (1760-1824) was a Prussian general who served through the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, fighting at Jena, Grossbeeren and Dennewitz.

Tauenzein (or Tauentzien) became an officer in the Prussian Army in 1775. He served in the campaign of 1793 and was promoted to rank of general officer in 1801.

Tauenzein commanded the left flank of Hohenlohe's army for part of the Jena campaign. He suffered a minor defeat at Schliez (9 October 1806) early in Napoleon's advance into Prussia, but was still able to take his place in the main army during the battle of Jena (14 October 1806).

Tauenzein commanded IV Corps at the battle of Grossbeeren (23 August 1813). This was the first major battle of the autumn campaign of 1813, and saw the Prussians prevent Marshal Oudinot from capturing Berlin. Tauenzein's corps was largely made up of militiamen from Brandenburg, but his vanguard still managed to hold off a larger French force.

At Dennewitz (6 September 1813) Tauenzein commanded IV Corps, part of a much larger army. He was nearly defeated, but managed to hold long enough to allow Allied reinforcements to reach him. 

In 1814 Tauenzein commanded a Prussian corps that successfully besieged Torgau and Wittenberg. He took his title of Graf von Wittenberg from the later siege. In 1815 he was given command of VI Corps, but he arrived too late to take part in the battle of Waterloo.

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