Amédée Emmanuel François Leharpe, 1754-1796

Amédée Emmanuel François Leharpe was a Swiss émigré who fought in the French Army of Italy at the start of Napoleon's campaign in Italy in 1796-7. His military career began in Switzerland, where he joined the army in 1773. In 1781 he was promoted to captain of grenadiers, but soon after that he went into exile. Once in France he joined the revolutionary army, and on 19 October 1791 was elected lieutenant colonel of the 4th battalion of volunteers of Seine-et-Oise. He was promoted to chef de brigade on 17 December 1793 and to général de brigade on 30 December.

Leharpe commanded a brigade at the start of Napoleon's campaign in Italy. At the start of April he was sent along the coast to Voltri, a move that convinced the Austrians that Napoleon was about to attack Genoa. When the Austrians moved part of their army towards Genoa, Leharpe was called back to support Napoleon's main thrust. He took part in the battle of Montenotte (12 April 1796). His brigade then took part in both days of the battle of Dego (14-15 April 1796). Laharpe then took part in the advance along the Po, but on 9 May 1796, during the battle of Fombio, he was shot and killed by his own men while returning to a French outpost at Codogno.

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