General Jean-Simon, baron Domon, 1774-1830

General Jean-Simon baron Domon (1774-1830) was a French cavalry commander who served throughout the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, and whose career survived the Bourbon restoration.

Domon joined the army in 1792 and on the day he joined up was elected an officer. He joined the cavalry in 1799. He was wounded while fighting in the 3rd Hussars at the battle of Elchingen (14 October 1805), and fought with the same regiment at Jena in the following year.

He then moved to the 7th Hussars, and was with that regiment at Eylau and Friedland in 1807 and Wagram in 1809. In 1810 he was made a baron, and in 1812 he was given command of the 8th Hussars. After General Piré was wounded Domon was promoted to general of brigade and given command of Pirés brigade in the 1st Light Cavalry Division. Murat clearly appreciated Domon's talents and had him promoted to lieutenant general in the Neapolitan service.

In 1813 Doman served with the Neapolitan army. He accepted the first Bourbon restoration, but rallied to Napoleon and commanded the 3rd Cavalry Division (III Corps) at Waterloo. His division was one of the units sent to the right of the line in an attempt to hold off the advancing Prussians as they arrived on the field, and took part in the first clashes with the Prussians at around 4pm.

After the second restoration Domon was appointed Inspector-General of Cavalry. He commanded a cavalry division during the French intervention in Spain in 1823.

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