General Karl Federovich Baggovut (1761-1812)

General Karl Federovich Baggovut (1761-1812) was a Russian general who fought in the campaigns of 1805-1807 and 1812 and who was killed in battle outside Moscow. His name is also spelt at Baggovout or Bagavut.

Baggovut was of Estonian extraction. He joined the Russian army and took part in the invasion of the Crimea of 1783-4, a key moment in the growth of Russian power on the Black Sea.

He fought against the French in the campaign of 1805-1807. At the battle of Pultusk (26 December 1806) his troops were posted in front of the town and were amongst the first to be attacked by the French. He held his ground early in the battle but was pushed back by General Gazan. Reinforcements led by General Alexander Osterman-Tolstoy restored the situation, and the battle ended as a costly draw.

His division was posted on the Russian left during the battle of Eylau (8 February 1807). At Friedland (14 June 1807) he fought on the left, under Bagration, and played a part in early Russian successes, defeating Oudinot, but the battle still ended in a costly Russian defeat.

He commanded II Corps during the 1812 campaign. At Borodino (7 September 1812) his corps began on the right wing, before moving to the left where he faced and helped stop Davout's I Corps.

He was killed by a cannon shot at the battle of Vinkovo or Tarutino (18 October 1812), a battle between Russian forces and Napoleon's screen around Moscow.  

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