Battle of Kulm, 29th/30th August 1813

War of Liberation 1813 - Autumn Campaign
War of Liberation 1813 - Autumn Campaign
Part of the opening series of battles that marked the Leipzig campaign. The battle of Kulm was caused by French forces under Vandamme, threatening to cut off any Allied retreat. The Allies determined to stop this fought a delaying action at Priesten (Prestanov) on the 29th August where the French advanced down a small valley and were halted. The next day the French troops under Vandamme were again engaged by Austrians and Russians. The Russians held Priesten and the French held Kulm (Chulmec) were came under attack from the rear by the Prussians under Kleist. Vandamme decided to fight his way through the Prussians but was unsuccessful having his Corps totally destroyed with the loss of 10,000 men two Eagles and five Colours was well as 82 guns. Vandamme himself was captured by Russian Cossacks when while in the middle of a column of retreating French infantry a small band of Cossacks rode up seized him and his aide General Haxo and rode off before the surprised French infantry could open fire.

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Leipzig 1813: The Battle of the Nations, Peter Hofschroer, Osprey, 1993, 96 pages. A very well regarded entry in the Osprey catalogue, covering not just the battle of Leipzig but the entire German campaign of 1813 that led to the final collapse of Napoleon's empire. [see more]
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