Official Records of the Rebellion

Official Records of the Rebellion: Volume Eleven, Chapter 23, Part 1: Peninsular Campaign: Reports

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No. 10.

Report of Surgeon Charles S. Tripler, U. S. Army, Medical Director, Army of the Potomac, of operations from March 17 to July 3.

177-179 Introduction
179-181 The move to the Peninsula
181-183 Preparations on the Peninsula
183-185 About to bombard Yorktown
185-186 Williamsburg and Skirmishes
186-187 Move to White House
187-189 Fair Oaks
189-190 Requests an end to the granting of short periods of leave to medical officers
190-191 The Seven Days's Battles
191-193 Arrival of his replacement
193-194 Considers problems faced by Medical Department
194-196 Makes suggestions for improvements
196 Appendix M: Letter to Surgeon General prior to the start of the campaign
197-198 Appendix N: Letter to the Medical Directors of the army corps
198-199 Appendix O: Letter to the Acting Surgeon General from the Peninsula
199 (16) Appendix P: Letter to Medical Director of Keyes's Corps, complaining about wasted supplies
199-201 Appendix Q: Letters related to the supply situation
201-202 Appendix S1: Report to the Surgeon General, 29 May 1862
202-203 Appendix S2: Letter to the army corps medical directors
203 Appendix S3: Letter to the quartermaster at Cheeseman's landing, requesting suitable shipping for the wounded
204 Appendix S4: Letter to Medical Director of Fourth Corps related to removal of the sick
204-205 Appendix S5: Report on the location of General Hospitals, 27 May 1862
205-206 Appendix T: Inspection of The White House buildings as a possible site for a hospital
206-207 Appendix U1: Letter complaining about number of stragglers
207-208 Appendix U2: Letter reporting scurvy present in the army, 14 June 1862
208-210 Appendix U3: Letter reporting reaction to presence of scurvy, 17 June 1862

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