Official Records of the Rebellion

Official Records of the Rebellion: Volume Eleven, Chapter 23, Part 1: Peninsular Campaign: Reports

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15[Appendix 0]


Medical Director’s Office, Camp Winfield Scott, April 14, 1862.

SIR: I had the honor to send you a telegram this morning in relation to the disposition of the wounded we shall have in the approaching attack upon Yorktown. To guard against failure I address you also by letter. Considering the number of men likely to be engaged and the very limited and uncomfortable accommodations to be had here, it will be absolutely necessary to send the bulk of the wounded to Fort Monroe and to Washington or some other point North. Surgeon Cuyler very promptly offered to put his sick in tents to make room for our wounded; but his hospital, I fear, will not be sufficient for our necessities.

There is a good road from here to Cheeseman’s Landing, a distance of 4 miles, where transports can be assembled to receive the men. They can be comfortably sent from there to any point you may indicate. Please let me know your views in relation to this.
Last night six medical gentlemen from Massachusetts reached this camp to serve as volunteers. They were sent by the Governor of Massachusetts by authority of the Secretary of War. Their aid will be very acceptable. I have sent three of them to Sumner’s corps and three to Heintzelman’s. The Massachusetts regiments are distributed between those corps.

I have to request that the honorable Secretary of War will direct the proper departments to furnish such surgeons as may tender their services [199] under his invitation with a horse and tent each, with the necessary servants, and the privilege of purchasing subsistence of the commissaries. They cannot be made comfortable in any other way.

I learn this morning by telegraph that a portion of the supplies ordered from New York a month ago has reached Fort Monroe. Their arrival is most timely, as our field supplies are almost exhausted.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Surgeon and Medical Director Army of the Potomac.

Surg. R. C. WOOD,

Acting Surgeon- General, Washington, D. C.

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