Official Records of the Rebellion

Official Records of the Rebellion: Volume Eleven, Chapter 23, Part 1: Peninsular Campaign: Reports

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[Appendix S5.]

Medical Director’s Office, May 27, 1862.

SIR: I have the honor to report, in compliance with yours of May 22, that the general hospitals in this department are—

I. At Yorktown, Va., in houses in the town, in frame buildings put [205] up by the rebels, and in hospital tents. The medical officers attached are Brigade Surg. W. H. White, Volunteers; Drs. F. J. Ainsworth, Joel Seaverus, W. Lamb, Beurine Carpenter, F. A. Howe, Jonathan Brown, Henry H. Fuller, A. J. Cummings, J. H. Morse, G. S. Hitchcock, and J. Q. A. McAllister—alI from Massachusetts, on contract. This hospital has been organized by one of my assistants, Dr. C. R. Greenleaf U. S. Army, and until yesterday was officered by regimental medical officers left behind with their sick. After I had made the contracts with the Massachusetts gentlemen I sent eleven of them to relieve the commissioned oflicers, and ordered the latter to their regiments.

II. At White House, Va. This hospital consists of 105 hospital tents at present—all I have been able to command. It will probably be extended when more are received. One-half of these tents have been furnished with plank banquettes. The remainder will be similarly furnished when the lumber can be procured. Brigade Surg. J. H. Baxter, Volunteer service, is at present in charge. He is to be relieved by Brigade Surg. A. T. Watson in a few days. Drs. Alexander Bicker, of New York; W. K. Fletcher, L. D. Seymour, Benj. Campbell, of Massachusetts; A. E. Stocker, Asa Millett, Joseph Underwood, Francis C. Greene, and F. LeB. Monroe are the surgeons in attendance. When this hospital was organized, the medical service was performed gratuitously by Drs. Cogswell, Swinburne, Lansing, Willard, and Kneeland, of New York, and Drs. Page and Hall, of Massachusetts. They were relieved on the 26th by the contract physicians above mentioned.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Surgeon and Medical Director Army of the Potomac.

Brig. Gen. W. A. HAMMOND,

Surgeon-General U. S. Army, Washington, D. C.

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