Junkers Ju 86B

The Junkers Ju 86B was the designation given to civil versions of the Ju 86 medium bomber that were intended for the German market. It was only produced in small numbers, each of which was given its own dash number. The Ju 86B carried a crew of three and ten passengers.

Lufthansa received the largest batch, using five Jumo 205C powered aircraft (-01, -02, -04, -05 and -06) and two BMW 132 powered aircraft (-07 and -09). Ju 86B-07 was later exported to Sweden as the Z-7. A number of B-0 pre-production aircraft were also produced, one of which (D-AKOP Kismet won the 3rd International Flying Meet of the Aero Club of Egypt at Cairo.

Engine: Two Jumo 205 C diesel engines
Power: 600hp each
Crew: 2 pilots and 1 radio operator
Wing span: 73ft 9 ¾ in (22.5m)
Length: 57ft 8 7/8 in (17.6m)
Empty Weight: 11,464lb/  5,200kg
Maximum Weight: 17,306lb/ 7,850kg
Max Speed: 192 mph/ 310km/h
Cruising Speed: 173mph/ 280km/h
Service Ceiling: 19,350ft/ 5,900m

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