Hawker Hurricane X, XI and XII

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1,451 Hurricane fighters were built in Canada by Canadian Car & Foundry (CC&F) during the Second World War. The first appeared in June 1940, just in time for the battle of Britain, and were identical to British Mk Is. 166 Mk Is were produced in Canada. Production then switched to the Mk X, distinguished by the use of the Packard Merlin 28 engine, built under license in the United States. Most of the Mk Is arrived in Britain in time to take part in the battle of Britain.

The CC&F produced around 250 Hurricane Mk IIs. Mixed in with them were fifty Mk XIs, very similar aircraft but with some Canadian equipment. Finally, 474 Mk XIIs were built. These aircraft used the Packard Merlin 29 engine, and were used by the Royal Canadian Air Force, equipping ten squadrons based in Canada.

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Hurricane Aces, 1939-40, Tony Holmes. A look at the men who flew the Hawker Hurricane during the first two years of the Second World War, when it was arguably the most important front line fighter in RAF service. This book covers the Phoney War Period, the German invasion of the West, the Battle of Britain and the early use of the Hurricane in North Africa and from Malta. [see more]
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